"Do you ever wish that you could go back in time and... everything would be different?" – Lana Lang, Rage

Lana tries to kill Lex/Zod.

Lana realized that Lex was possessed by General Zod, who took her captive and brought her to the Luthor Mansion. Zod told her that the reason he needed her was because he wanted to sire an heir with her. When Lana declined, Zod impaled her hand against a wall with a fire poker. Lana managed to get free and went to the Kents for help: she was told by Martha that Lex had to die. Lana decided to take the Kryptonian dagger and kill Lex in order to stop Zod. When she got close enough, Lana tried to stab Zod with the dagger but he took it from her and broke it. As Zod began to choke her, Clark returned: Zod released Lana to deal with Kal-El and was eventually defeated by Clark.


Lana discovers that Lex was spying on her.

Lex denied having any memory of what happened while he was possessed by Zod and with the dormitories of the University closed after the events of Dark Thursday, Lana moved in with Lex at the mansion but was very disturbed with how he had a surveillance camera in her room, watching her. After a slight discussion, Lex removed the cameras from her room but told Lana that the cameras are his way of life.


Lana and Lex start an intimate relationship.

She was even more concerned about her relationship with Lex after being catalogued as "the next Lex girl" and wondered what happens when Lex actually gets what he can't have, so she discussed it with Chloe. Chloe advised Lana to stop living in the past and move on with her life. Ultimately, Lana decided to pursue a relationship with Lex, and the two became intimate.

Lex wanted to test Lana's loyalty and enlisted Lionel's help to prove it and told him to encourage Lana to destroy the Kryptonian black box that Zod tried to use to transform Earth into a new Krypton. Lana blackmailed Dr. Groll into getting rid of the device and when it was found out by Lex, he was impressed by Lana´s determination. Lex and Lana both wanted to use the device to prevent any more Kryptonians from taking over the world.


Lana starts to worry about her relationship with Lex.

Lana continued her relationship with Lex without many conflicts, but after their relationship was strained when they fight over the Kryptonian black box, Lana gave Lex an ultimatum: the box or her. Since the box dissolved after the Zoner Baern absorbed its data, Lex said that he was going to choose her.


Lana tells Chloe that she is pregnant.

Lana's doubts about Lex began to increase and then she went to see Chloe for lunch, but had a fainting spell. Lana went to her doctor to get a checkup and discovered that she was pregnant: as well as later admitted it to Chloe.

Lana kept her pregnancy in secret from Lex for days until she finally told him after thinking that she had lost Lex forever due to a meteor freak. Later, Lex proposed marriage to Lana, much to her surprise.


Lana in Clark's barn.

Lana did not gave an answer to Lex's proposal quickly and finally confessed to Chloe she had reservations about marrying Lex due to her lingering feelings for Clark. After gossip columnist Linda Lake published the exact conversation in an article, Lana went to Chloe to confront her but realized that it was Linda who was responsible. Later, Lana went to Clark to talk to him and asked him to place his trust in her just once and tell her the secret that had been between them for so long. Clark claimed that it didn't matter and revealed that he knew she was pregnant, and that everything had now changed. He then told her that he hoped Lex made her very happy. Lana traveled back to the Luthor Mansion and accepted Lex's proposal.


Lana and Lex after their engagement party.

At her engagement party, Clark and Lois, both infected with red kryptonite, broke into the mansion and let everyone know that Lana was carrying Lex's child. After Clark kidnapped Lana and forced her to admit that she still loved him, Lex came there in time to rescue Lana from him. As Clark was about to kill Lex, Lana saw Clark get stabbed by a chisel, but she saw it was only dented. She kept it and hoped that it would bring her closer to Clark's secret.


Lana gets closer to Clark's secret.

As Lana started to grow closer to Clark's secret, she was shocked to learn that someone was spying on her and indignantly decided to seek refuge in her friends since Lex was out of town. Lana decided to stay at Chloe's apartment and while there attempted to look through Chloe's computer to discover more about Clark but it was password protected. After her stalker found her again, Lana stayed at the Kent Farm in Clark's bedroom where she saw that Clark kept her necklace but that it now looked different. Her suspicions towards Clark were increased when he mysteriously rescued her from her stalker.

Lana came to the conclusion that Clark was probably being infected by the meteorite and after a meteor freak was abducted during her bachelorette party, she went to see Chloe to ask her why she went outside last night. Chloe told her about what Tobias Rice, the only suspect in the kidnapping, could do. She also asked Lex if he knew him, and he lied to her, saying that he didn't. Lana went to see Tobias and told him that she knows that Clark is infected as well and offered to pay for his surgery in the hopes of protecting Clark's secret from being revealed. Tobias told her that Clark was normal, confusing Lana even more.


Lana is devastated after marrying Lex and is soon confronted by Clark.

However, the day of her wedding, Lana resolved to find out the truth about Clark and locked Chloe in the wine cellar, knowing she would call Clark to rescue her. Lana witnessed Clark's superpowers and heard him and Chloe talking about how he was still in love with Lana. Finally realizing why Clark had been lying to her all these years, Lana decided that she could not go through with the wedding and tried to write Lex a letter to cancel the wedding. However, Lionel discovered that she knew Clark's secret and told her that if she did not marry Lex, he would kill Clark. Trapped, Lana married Lex as a means of deception


Lana miscarrying her baby.

One week later, she told Lex that she didn't feel well enough to go on their honeymoon, so they canceled the trip. After Lana collapsed in pain and passed out, Lex was forced to tell her that she had suffered complications and miscarried the baby. Lana was heartbroken by this revelation and began to cry bitterly.


Lana discovers that she was never pregnant.

After she was attacked and knocked unconscious by a mind controlled metahuman, she was rescued by Clark and Chloe. She woke up in Smallville Medical Center, were after performing thorough tests in light of her recent "miscarriage," a doctor informed her that she was never pregnant and accused her of taking synthetic hormones to simulate a pregnancy and trick Lex into marrying her. Having seen sonograms, she protested and was left in a state of shock and bewilderment.


Lana holding a gun.

After this discovery, Lana began to harbor a deep, dark, secret hatred for Lex and Lionel. It’s quite clear she holds Lionel responsible for trapping her in the marriage with Lex since he knew she was not pregnant despite what she had to go through she still held on to her original name. When Lex was trapped underground in an explosion she simply hoped he'd die. Demanding answers, Lana blocked Lionel's IV drip delivering pain medicine after he was wounded in the explosion and Lionel revealed that he blackmailed her to protect Clark. Lana then recovered a briefcase the police found in Lex's car and shot the locks off. Inside, she found a disc labeled Project Ares, along with floor plans of the tunnels in which Lex was trapped. After learning that Clark was trapped inside the tunnels too, she was forced to reveal the exit.


Lana is shot at the Daily Planet.

Lana visited Lionel again and demanded to know what Lionel knew, threatening to tell Martha about him using Clark as a bargaining chip. Lionel revealed to Lana the truth and then the two begin to work together to stop Lex and save Clark. However, Lana was shot at the Daily Planet after seeing Lionel about Project Ares and this began to attract the attention of Chloe who demanded the truth about her marriage to Lex. Lana told her that she married him to protect Clark.


Lex warns Lana about betrayal.

Lana maintained the facade of the loving wife and in dialogue loaded with double and secret meanings, Lana told Lex that if someone lied to her like that they would lose her love forever. Even as they hugged, over Lex's shoulder, Lana revealed her deep hatred for Lex.

Finally, Lana overheard a meeting with Lex and Senator Burke. She later told Clark about it and was warned by Lex to never betray him again or he wouldn't know what he would do.


Lana prepares herself to leave Smallville.

Lana met Clark at his barn and told him she was leaving Lex, and Smallville, to escape. Clark told her his secret in an attempt to get her to stay, but she only kissed him and left after telling him, "You're still the same Clark Kent to me." At the mansion, Lana confronted Lex about the fake pregnancy, telling him that Clark meant more to her than Lex ever would, and told him their marriage was over. After Lex hit her, she left saying, "That's the last time you'll ever touch me."

Lana was next seen running to her car while telling Lionel on her cell phone that she was leaving. Lionel watched in horror as her car exploded, with Lana seemingly inside.