"Everyone has their families...I'm not sure where I fit in. I just can't wait to get out of here and go somewhere people don't judge me." – Lana Lang, Truth
Smallville301 507

Lana finds Clark in Metropolis.

After Clark went missing, Lana started a campaign to find him. When Chloe revealed to her that she knew were Clark was, Lana found him in Metropolis, and was disgusted by the way he was living and tried to convince him to return home. However she was not successful and then called Jonathan Kent and informed him what was happening. Clark was angry with her for this and accused her of being a traitor.

Smallville302 840

Lana ends her relationship with Clark.

However, after Clark returned to Smallville, apologizes to her and tells he didn't believe Lana could love the parts of him that he keeps secret. Lana tried to reassure him that she would love him no matter what but Clark refused to believe her and this made ​​Lana offend and their relationship ended again. She later confided in Martha Kent that she hopes if she stays in his orbit long enough, he will open up to her.

Lana and Clark continued to be friends and were involved in various investigations together. Lana helped him to prove he was normal when Perry White accused him of having superpowers and later helped Clark solve the mystery of her great-aunt Louise McCallum. When she meets Seth Nelson and began to act rebelliously, Clark saved her from her trance but later she decided to move on with her life, since Clark refused to be honest with her.

Smallville308 428

Lana is attacked by a horse.

When Lana was helping Clark hide Lex in the barn, she was attacked by a psychotic Lex and a startled horse trampled her leg and she ended up in the hospital badly injured.

Smallville309 204

Lana meets Adam at therapy.

Lana spent four weeks at the Smallville Medical Center receiving physical therapy and while recovering, Lana met Adam Knight, and Adam helped her with her rehabilitation. Finally Lana was able to walk only using a cane and returned home, but was angry with Clark for not having visited her when she most needed him.

Finally, Clark apologized for not being there, but although she accepted his apology, Lana does not forgive him and tells him that she has met someone new. As she drives away, Clark can hear her crying.

Smallville313 090

Lana is threatened by Adam.

Lana continued to visit Adam in the hospital and the two began spending a great deal of time together. When he was ready to leave the hospital, she offers to renovate the apartment above the Talon and rent it to him as their friendship was beginning to become something more. As Adam displayed some unusual talents that raised Lana's suspicions, she came to suspect his motives to stay in town and realized that Adam was not who he claimed to be.

Smallville318 172

Lana decides to leave for Paris.

Lana later did some snooping in Adam's apartment and discovered a journal of notes proving that he was spying on her and Clark. She sought help from Lex to get rid of Adam when she realized that he was dangerous. Although Adam disappeared without a trace, he later reappeared and kidnapped Lana and almost killed her, but fortunately Clark saved her. Then Lana and Clark grew close again.

Unfortunately, Lana began to question if her relationship with Clark may have some future due to the constantly secretive behavior of Clark and realized that her focus on their relationship is making her miss out on other things in life. Then Lana decided to leave Smallville and go to Paris to study art.

Smallville321 786

Clark says goodbye to Lana.

Before she left, Lana had to sell the Talon to finance her trip. However, things got complicated when Emily Dinsmore returns to prevent Lana's departure to Paris and kidnapped her. Clark rescued Lana and decided to tell Lana his secret to prevent her departure to Paris, but at the end realized what just happened to Pete after knowing his secret and just gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells her to have a great time in Paris.

Smallville322 502

Lana leaves Smallville.

On the day she left, Clark was too busy to see her off at the airport, but Lex was there to wish her well. Though Clark showed up, he left without saying goodbye to her, leaving a white rose behind. Lana saw him and crosses the street to him, but he disappeared and Lana found the flower he was going to give her. Then, Lana moved from Smallville to fulfill her dreams.

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