"I feel like a piece of luggage Nell and Dean want to throw in the trunk as they drive off to their new life." - Lana Lang, Ryan
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Clark protects Lana from the tornado.

After being rescued from the tornado by Clark, Lana began to grow closer to Clark but also became annoyed with Clark's secrecy because he could not provide an explanation as to how he had previously saved her during the storm. He denied even being there, but Lana knew there was no way she could have survived otherwise.

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Lana decides to break up with Whitney by video.

Lana started the school year by deciding to break up with Whitney via videotape and was very nearly evicted from the Talon when Lex Luthor's wife, Desirée Atkins, convinced him to buy her out. When he came to his senses, Lex drafted a new partnership agreement.

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Lana kisses Clark for the first time.

Lana's aunt started dating a man named Dean Winters that she met after the tornado. Lana didn't like him from the beginning and started to spend more time at the Talon because she didn't want to be around Nell and Dean. Clark supported Lana at all times and this made the attraction between them ​​more evident, especially when Clark was under the influence of red Kryptonite, revealed his feelings for her and she responded to him. However, after Clark took Lana to a bar and Lana voiced her discomfort, he abandoned her for Jessie Brooks who was much wilder. This caused Lana to back away from her position as Clark could not give her a reasonable justification for his actions.

The relationship between Lana and Clark was complicated thereafter, especially because Chloe still had feelings for Clark and Lana did not feel comfortable fooling Chloe.


Lana reunites with Whitney again.

When Lana learned that Whitney was missing in action, she was shattered for what she did to him, but then Tina Greer showed up and impersonated him. Although hesitant about renewing their relationship, Lana was surprisingly quick to side with "Whitney" when "he" tore apart the men's restroom at The Talon and framed Clark. When she discovered the truth, she expressed deep regret for having treated Clark so poorly and apologized to him for her mistakes, promising to be a better friend to him in the future.

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Lana discovers that her aunt wants to leave Smallville.

When Aunt Nell decided to move to Metropolis with her fianceé Dean Winters, Lana really didn't want to leave Smallville. Chloe Sullivan invited her to live with her and her dad until she graduated from high school.

Lana and Chloe got along very well most of the time, but they did have some issues. Lana accidentally found and read Chloe's letter to Clark and later looked at a couple of files in her computer.

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Lana and her biological father.

Equally earth-shaking was the discovery that her parents nearly divorced a year before she was born. She eventually met Henry Small, the handsome man she found in an old photo with her mother, as well as his wife, Jennifer, and learned that he was her biological father. They started spending so much time together that his wife felt neglected and later threatened to divorce him, so Lana decided that it would be best if they ended their new father-daughter relationship.

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Lana learns self-defense from Lex.

Later, when Lex's half-brother, Lucas Luthor, showed up in Smallville and took everything he had, no one could take the Talon from Lana, since Lex protected her.

Lana had a few extraordinary encounters that year: Byron Moore wrote her love poems, and Ian Randall duplicated himself and tried to date Lana and Chloe at the same time. Cyrus Krupp healed her horse, and her childhood friend Emily Dinsmore seemingly returned from beyond the grave. After she was assaulted and rescued by Clark in the Talon, Lana decided to take karate lessons with Lex.


A heartbroken Lana.

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Clark and Lana.

At the end of the school year, Lana and Clark left behind their fears and started a new relationship together behind Chloe´s back.

Shortly after, the day of Lex and Helen's wedding, Clark accidentally hurt his parents when he destroyed his spaceship and then decided to run away from home. Lana begged him to stay, but he puts on the red Kryptonite ring and rides off on his father's motorcycle, leaving Lana heartbroken.

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