Lana and Adam.

Lana Lang and Adam Knight had a relationship that lasted for a short amount of time.

Season Three

Smallville309 204

Lana meets Adam at therapy.

Lana and Adam met in the Smallville Medical Center and soon they become cellmates as he helped Lana get through her physical therapy after she was trampled by a horse. The two began to develop a friendship.


Lana offers Adam to rent the Talon apartment

When Lana offered to rent Adam the apartment above the Talon coffee shop, Adam’s actions, specifically his injection of an unidentified drug began to arouse suspicion in Lana and and her friend Chloe Sullivan. Lana discovered that Adam died of a rare liver disease, and the injection of a drug given to him by LuthorCorp resurrected him, and was the only thing keeping him alive.


Adam takes aim at Lana

Lana also discovered Adam had been keeping a journal of all her actions,as well as that of Clark Kent's. At that point she tried, and failed, to evict him. Lana asked Lex Luthor for help in getting rid of Adam, but he disappeared before Lex could find him. He later resurfaced and kidnapped Lana and attempted to kill her, but Clark arrived in time to stop him. Without his serum, Adam’s body rapidly deteriorated until he finally died.



  • The actual intention was for Adam to be Lana’s new boyfriend, a legitimate relationship, but the chemistry between Ian Somerhalder and Kristin Kreuk was not working.
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