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Lana and Bizarro

Lana Lang and Bizarro had one of the shortest relationships in the entire series.

Season Seven

"When I first came to Smallville, the only thing that mattered was my own survival, but that all changed when I met you."
—Bizarro to Lana[src]

Lana hugs "Clark"

Clark Kent was nowhere to be found when Bizarro escaped from Mars and returned to Earth, having been frozen solid in the Fortress of Solitude by Jor-El. Bizarro used the opportunity to take over Clark's life, including his relationship with Lana Lang. As Bizarro lavished her with attention and affection, Lana believed that "Clark" had simply changed his priorities and paid no mind to his evasion of sunlight or his flippant disregard for his missing cousin Kara.

Bizarro even resumed an intimate relationship with Lana, promising to fly her to Paris for romantic dinners. Eventually, Lana and Bizarro decided to leave Smallville forever to be alone and happy together.


Bizarro and Lana on bed together.

Bizarro's main motivation for seeking out Brainiac was so that he could find a way to live under the sun without his skin distorting. However, when Clark returned to Smallville, he was shocked that Lana was not only unharmed, but she had no idea the man she was living with was not Clark. Regardless, Clark tried to hide her from Bizarro, but Bizarro tracked her down.


Lana listens to Bizarro's last words.

The three then engaged in a confrontation where Bizarro declared that Lana had changed him and that he had fallen in love with her, and pointed out that Clark would never be able to devote his life to Lana like Bizarro could. Clark tried to protest, but Lana seemed to agree, admitting that she had never felt more loved and happy than the month she spent with Bizarro. Ultimately, though, Lana helped Clark destroy Bizarro with blue kryptonite. In his last moments, Bizarro declared his love for Lana.

Sexual Escapades

  • In Persona, Lana and Bizarro are both seen naked in bed, heavily implying that Lana and Bizarro actually had sex.


  • Lana and Bizarro's relationship was often nicknamed "Bizana" by fans. [citation needed]
  • Lana and Bizarro have only been together during the month between Gemini and Persona in Season 7.

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