Lewis and Laura Lang.

The Langs are a family of unknown origin which in recent generations has married into the family of Margaret Isobel Thoreaux as well as raising a descendant of Ezra Small in the form of the youngest member of the family, Lana Lang.

Known Members

Henry Small

Henry and Lana.

  • Ezra Small was the ancestor of Henry Small and Lana Lang. He was the founder of Smallville and wrote many prophecies of the town's future.
  • Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux was an infamous and royal witch of France who lived in the early 17th century, as well as the ancestress of Louise McCallum and Lana Lang. She and her companions were burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft. 400 years later, Isobel returned possessing Lana. Isobel was stopped by Clark Kent but resurfaced again, until finally she was at peace after she murdered Duchess Gertrude's descendant as revenge for her being responsible for Isobel's death.
Louise McCallum

Louise McCallum.

  • Louise McCallum was the aunt of Laura and Nell, the great-aunt of Lana and a descendant of Isobel. She had an affair with a man, called Joe, despite the fact that she was married with Dex McCallum. Louise was killed by a bullet fired by Lachlan Luthor's gun, when he attempted to kill her lover, under the orders of William Tate who wanted Louise for himself. Her husband was framed for her murder but his name was cleared decades later.
  • Lewis Lang was the husband of Laura and the legal father of Lana. He met his future wife in high school. He was killed along with his wife in the 1989 meteor shower.
  • Laura Lang (née Potter) was the wife of Lewis and mother of Lana.
  • Henry Small is the biological father of Lana and a descendant of Ezra Small. Henry was married with Jennifer and they have two children together. He was originally unaware of Lana's existence and her true parentage. His wife divorced him because she was feeling he was attempting too hard to have a relationship with Lana instead of with their children. Not wanting to be the cause of the dissolution of Henry's marriage, Lana backed away and the two have not made contact since.
  • Nell Potter is Laura's younger sister and Lana's aunt. She became Lana's guardian after her parents died. In 2002 she was engaged to Dean Winters and moved to Metropolis.
  • Lana Lang is the biological daughter of Henry Small and Laura Lang and the step-daughter of Lewis Lang. She is Clark Kent's first love interest as well as a super powered vigilante fighting to preserve life. Lana was adopted and raised by her aunt Nell Potter, following the deaths of her legal parents. Previously, Lana founded and managed the Isis Foundation, a non-profit devoted to helping meteor-infected metahumans, as well as also led the renovation of the Talon coffee shop. After high school, Lana moved to Metropolis, as well as enrolled at Metropolis University to study astronomy and meteors. Years later Lana is found in Africa protecting local villages from African warlords, disguising herself as a vigilante called Angel of the Plateau.

Alternate Timelines

Season Five

In an alternate timeline in late 2005, Lana was married to Lex Luthor and they had two children together, Alexander "Alex" Jr. and Lillian "Lily".

Alternate Realities

Season Seven

In an alternate universe, Lana was living in Paris, married to a man named Pierre Rousseau, and she had two children with him.

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