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Lawson's Field is a field in Smallville. [picture needed]

The field was the site of the annual Scarecrow hazing ritual performed by seniors at Smallville High School.

Physical Appearance

Lawson's Field is near Loeb Bridge over the Elbow River. This field is right at the entrance to LuthorCorp Fertilizer Plant Number Three

Early History

Lex Luthor found Jeremy Creek in Lawson's Field. He was strung up as that year's Scarecrow.

Season One

Lex Luthor hit Clark Kent with his Porsche near on Loeb Bridge, near Lawson's Field. Later, Lex saved Clark as the Scarecrow.

Season Ten

Lex's clone kidnapped Lois Lane and strung her up as the scarecrow in Lawson's Field.


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