Leslie Willis/Livewire
Family Unknown
Occupation Member of Tess Mercer's team
Powers and
Electricity generation and manipulation
Played By Anna Mae Routledge
Status Deceased

Leslie Willis was a former resident of Black Creek. Leslie was recruited to join Tess Mercer's team of metahumans to find Doomsday and try to destroy him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electricity Manipulation: Leslie had the ability to produce and manipulate electricity. She showed great control over her powers, with the electricity projecting around her body and then coming to her hands and concentrating it into a ball of energy. Usually, the color of the electricity produced is of a greenish hue.

She lost her powers to Parasite when she refused to follow Tess anymore.

Early life

Leslie was a car thief before being captured by LuthorCorp and destined for Black Creek. Once Tess Mercer closed the facility, Leslie was released and soon after was recruited to join Tess' team of meta-humans. She, like the other team members, were subjected to strict training and were trained to work together to reach their goals.

She was assigned the codename: Livewire.

Season Eight


Leslie making full use of her skills.

Leslie was summoned by Tess, along with the rest of the team, to hunt down Doomsday and fool Clark Kent. After Clark was fooled with a fake Chloe, Leslie and others focused on their mission to find Doomsday and separated themselves into groups of two.


Leslie refuses to trust in Tess again.

She was paired with Neutron and when they found the monster in a garage in Granville, Doomsday killed Neutron before escaping while Leslie was able to survive. She was really shocked because of the brutality with which Doomsday had killed her partner and decided to quit the team.


Leslie's body is found by Emil.

When the rest of the group met with Livewire at the scene, she expressed her interest in retiring and accused Tess of having sent them to a suicide mission. However, Tess indicated it was Leslie who could not follow orders or work with the team, and thus had Parasite siphon her powers leaving her powerless. After the other members went to continue with the plan, Tess activated a chip that had been placed in Leslie's head while she was at Black Creek, killing her.

Her dead body was later found by Emil Hamilton and analyzed in the presence of Clark and the false Chloe, finding that an explosion had occurred in her brain.

In the Comics

Livewire made her comics debut in 2006.

Live Wire 001

Livewire as she appears in the comics

Livewire was born with her gift of electricity manipulation making her a meta-human. Her shock-jocking radio career came to an end when her radio station turned into a country station leaving her out in the cold and she decided to take her anger out on Superman, whom she believes is only an egotistic show-off. The first time she attacked Superman, she won. In a later issue, she - along with many other meta-humans - is captured and eventually she and the others are saved.

Livewire was also the first super villain the new Batgirl faced in her new costume. She was confronted by Batgirl in a power plant. Batgirl had the upperhand until she was blasted with water but Livewire was able to shake it off and tried to electrocute Batgirl. Unbeknownst to Livewire, Batgirl's suit was insulated and this brought defeat to Livewire.


  • Unlike her comic book counterpart, Smallville's version of Livewire has long black hair.
  • Because Black Creek only hosted kryptonite-infected patients - and the color of the energy produced by Livewire is green instead of blue, similar to the radiation emitted by the meteor rocks - Leslie is likely to be a meteor freak.

Other faces of Livewire

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