Arthur Curry preparing to sabotage leviathan

The Leviathan is a sonic-based naval weapon created by LuthorCorp. However the side effect of Leviathan‘s sonar technology is that it kills all marine life around it. Leviathan was destroyed by Clark Kent and Arthur Curry to prevent a marine ecological disaster.

Powers and Abilities

Leviathan Schematics

Leviathan is a sonar weapon that emits a focused sound wave powerful enough to rip a submarine in half. The weapon can hit a target three kilometers away, which is a half kilometers further then LuthorCorp originally predicted it’s firing range to be. It is stated that Leviathan exceed all expectations LuthorCorp originally set for the weapon. Leviathan’s sonar technology kills all marine life around it even when the weapon is on standby. Arthur Curry (and presumably all Atlanteans) is also venerable to the high pitched noise Leviathan creates which caused him intense pain that led to him bleeding out of his ears.

Season Five

Leviathan active

Leviathan was a project created by Lex Luthor after he moved LuthorCorp in to the defense contracting industry. LuthorCorp set up a secret facility in smallville to create the weapon and eventually began testing it in Crater Lake . The testing of Leviathan caused an unusual amount of fish to die in Crater Lake which the EPA credited to temperate changes. Not believing the EPA’s data Arthur Curry traveled from Miami, Florida to smallville investigate the phenomenon.During Arthur Curry’s and Lois Lane's date at Crater Lake the final test of Leviathan began. The test caused Arthur severe pain and caused his ears bleed. The test also killed all the fish within three kilometers of Leviathan. Once Arthur recurved he infiltrated the LuthorCorp facility, studied the plans to the weapon, and tried to destroy it with a C4 charge. Clark flowed Arthur and used his powers to keep the bomb form destroying Leviathan believing that he stopped an act of terrorism.

Later Clark and Arthur meet in the Kent barn to discusses Arthur’s actions and the Leviathan weapon. After Clark leaned how dangerous Leviathan was he insists that they go talk to Lex and convince him not to sell the weapon. Lex denied the existence of Leviathan and refused to change his ways. After leaving the meeting enraged Arthur leaves to take on another attempt to destroy Leviathan but is captured by Lex. Clark latter frees Arthur and they destroy Leviathan before Lex can demonstrate its abilities to envoy sent by the pentagon.(Aqua)