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Lex's laptop was a laptop that belonged to Lex Luthor from seasons one to seven.

Lex's laptop can often be found in the library of the Luthor Mansion. Lex usually closes the lid when anyone approaches the room so they can't see what he's doing. It also appears to be an "Apple" computer. The laptop then passes into the hands of Tess Mercer, since she inherited every thing that Lex had. However, it has been rendered useless as only Lex knew the password to access its files.


Lex's laptop was the center of Lex's life from earlier seasons. The laptop held secrets that could ruin Lex and held enough information to get him put in jail.



Victoria snooping into Lex's private files.

Season One:

  • Rogue - Lex views security footage of a red and blue blur (Clark) on his computer.

Season Four:

Season Five:

  • Fragile - Lex views several web-cam of witnesses who claim they saw Milton Fine (Brainiac) across the world on his computer.

Season Six:

  • Justice - Bart Allen breaks into the Luthor Mansion and uploads information from Lex's computer.

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