Lex Luthor has committed many homicides over the years. Several times in the early years, they were legitimate cases of self defense and the defense of others. However in later years, he has unlawfully murdered.


Season Two

Lex shot to death Roger Nixon as Nixon tried to kill Jonathan Kent and kidnap Clark Kent. As Nixon struggled with Jonathan and just as Nixon was about impale Jonathan with a steel fence, Lex shot Nixon in the back. Jonathan later thanked Lex for saving his life.

Lex attempted to stage his attempted murder of Paul Hayden to look like self defense when he gave Hayden a gun. Earlier, Hayden had attacked and almost killed Helen Bryce. With the gun, Hayden attempted to shoot Lex but the gun was not loaded. Hayden before Lex could shoot him, knocks Lex to the floor of the passenger train they are on. Lex catches him, they struggle. Hayden gets the upper hand and tries to hit Lex with a fire ax. Clark who was watching in secret intervenes and rocks the railroad car, knocking Hayden off balance. Lex gets the upper hand and points the gun in Hayden's face intending to pull the trigger but at this time there is still a lot of good in Lex and Lex couldn't shoot him.

Season Three

Lex killed Morgan Edge but he was not in control of his faculties and therefore wasn't responsible for his actions.

Season Five

Lex shot to death metahuman hitman Graham Garrett as Garrett tried to kill Lex and Lana Lang (who was visiting Lex). When Garrett used his power of invisibility to kill a guard watching over Lex's room in Smallville Medical Center, this prompted Lex to start firing widely with a semi lucky shot hit Garrett but Garrett was able to knock Lex out temporarily. Garrett, as he was about to die fired on Lex and Lana but Clark used his super speed to catch the bullets while Garrett died.

Season Six

Lex injected Orlando Block with a serum that killing him while Lex was held captive by Block.

Lex may have had killed Dr. Pamela Black for her refusing to continue experimenting on halfway house inmates with the rapid healing drug RL65. After she told Lex that she refused to continue and wanted to destroy the remaining stocks of RL65, Black was discovered dead by Clark and Chloe Sullivan and her laboratory ransacked. Chloe speculated that Green Arrow killed Black while Clark believed that Lex was Black's murderer. However, a kid from the halfway house was arrested for the murder.[1]

Lex fatally stabbed Bronson after Bronson attacked him when both were in a different plane of existence manufactured by Bronson. Being a former inmate of Level 33.1, Bronson was out for revenge for the mistreatment he suffered there including being experimented on. Bronson attacked Lex with a knife in the Luthor Mansion. They struggled with Lex prevailing and overpowering Bronson and forcing the knife into Bronson's chest.

Lex ordered Level 33.1's SWAT team in killing metahuman Daniel Kim and another metahuman. Also, Chloe was almost killed by the SWAT team but she was saved by Clark when he disabled the GPS tracking device they were using to locate her.[2]

Lex personally killed Dr. Langston by beating him for blackmailing him after Langston threatened to reveal to Lana (Lex's bride-to-be) that Lex ordered him to fake her pregnancy unless a sum of money was paid. Seconds after the beating a stunned at himself Lex let Langston, who Lex had by the shirt front and was all but knocked out, go and he fell backward and struck his head on a stone crypt, killing him.[3]

Lex programmed super solider prototype Wes Keenan to kill Senator Ed Burke when the US senator tried to shut down Project Ares. Also, two of the senator's bodyguards where killed in the process. Lex also attempted to murder the witness to the crime, unknowing that it was Lois Lane.

Season Seven

Lex shot Doctor Curtis Knox to protect his Level 33.1's former inmates from being killed by Knox. Knox did advance on him to kill Lex but Lex was the one who pulled his gun on Knox first. However, Knox was an immortal so he did not die when Lex shot him. If Knox was a mortal the wounds would had been certainly fatal. It is still murder in intent since Lex didn't go to the authorities with his knowledge of Knox's activities in order to protect his own culpability in Knox's crime (Similar in circumstance as to when Lex killed Dr. Langston to keep his complicity in a crime from being exposed to third parties but this time with clear first degree murder intent).

Lex shot to death Adrian Cross. At the time, Cross was blackmailing Lois into holding a gun on Lex and Grant Gabriel by threatening to blow up Chloe if Lois didn't get Lex to admit his complicity in creating Cross in Lex's cloning project but Lex got the gun away from Lois by knocking her out then Cross came out of the shadows and after extended argument in which Grant learned he was a clone himself and then Lex shot Cross. However, Cross was still holding the "Dead Man's switch" of the bomb and was activated but "Clark Kent" was able to save Chloe and Jimmy Olsen. Given the circumstances, Lex didn't shoot Cross to so much save Chloe's life[4]

Lex ordered an assassin to pose as a mugger and murder Grant Gabriel after his brother's clone showed willful independence from Lex.

Lex orders an assassin to eliminate his childhood friend Patricia Swann as he considered her a rival for the secrets of Veritas and to retrieve a locket from Patricia's that contained a key to a Swiss safety deposit box containing information on Veritas.

Lex personally murdered his own father Lionel Luthor by senting Lionel plemmeting to his death of LuthorCorp's main building. Lex's motives were several as he figured out that they weren't caught in first meteor shower by chance, that Lionel had used Lex as a sacrifice of shorts, that his father had the second Veritas safety deposit box key all along, that Lionel cared more for the Traveler and Clark (though he doesn't know that the two are one and the same) than he did for Lex. To Lex, it was a final demonstration that his father didn't love him as he watched Lionel drop 40 stories.

Lex shot and killed an assassin sent by Edward Teague to kill the antiquities dealer that Lex hired to decipher the cryptograph. As the assassin was about to shoot the dealer, Lex shot the assassin in the back.

Season Eight

Lex wanted revenge on Tess Mercer (his former protege) for creating a merger with Oliver Queen's Queen Industries (his rival) so he hired Winslow Schott to plant a bomb kill Oliver and Tess. At LuthorCorp's board meeting, Schott activated the bomb but Tess was not there and Oliver survived.[5]

Season Ten

Lex meets with Tess (his dear little sister) at LuthorCorp's main office. They had a short conversation and when Lex embraced Tess, he stabbed her with a dagger to "save" her from becoming him in Lex's mind.


  1. Whether he was really the murderer or just a fall guy was never clearly resolved.
  2. In addition to Daniel Kim and the other metahuman, there are also untold numbers of "terminated" inmates experimented on in Level 33.1 as revealed by Lex's ex Level 33.1 security chief Pierce in Traveler.
  3. It was not actual first or second degree murder, it was more like manslaughter, but Lex is still criminally liable.
  4. Lex's frame of mind was murder, not the saving of the lives of others. However, it is likely that in a court of law Lex shooting Cross, who had a bomb on a third party with a fourth person, Jimmy, in close proximity, would be seen as a justifiable homicide. Indeed it was by the police and District Attorney since Lex was never arrested.
  5. It's possible that Lex did not want his board dead but they were just in the crossfire.
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