"How many times have I come face-to-face with death and walked away without a scratch? I've practically lost count."Lex Luthor, Extinction

"I should be dead, but here I stand." - Lex Luthor to Oliver Queen, Reunion

Lex Luthor has had many near-death experiences.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
1x01 Pilot In 1989, Lex was caught in the middle of the first meteor shower that hit Smallville. Although he survived, he lost all his hair.
Clark and Lex 1x01 Pilot Lex was saved and resuscitated by Clark Kent after a car accident at the Loeb Bridge.
Smallville108 585 1x08 Jitters When Earl Jenkins took the Smallville High School students prisoners at LuthorCorp Fertilizer Plant Number Three, Lex was saved by Clark from falling to his death on Level Three.
Smallville110 604 1x10 Shimmer Lex was bound and tormented by Jeff Palmer for revenge for his sister's death by was saved by Clark.
Smallville113 398 1x13 Kinetic Lex was threatened by Wade Mahaney to kill Lex to obtain money but was saved by Clark.
Smallville114 441 1x14 Zero Lex was held upside down with chains and tortured at Club Zero by Roy Rothman until Clark rescued him.
Smallville115 665 1x15 Nicodemus Lex was held at gunpoint by Pete Ross (while under the Nicodemus flower's effects) tried to shoot Lex but was saved by Clark.
Smallville121 646 1x21 Tempest When the Luthor Mansion was struck by a tornado that sent Lex and Lionel Luthor across the room, it endangered the lives of both father and son.
Smallville202 573 2x02 Heat When Lex married Desirée Atkins, he was about to be killed by Jonathan Kent (under the influence of Desirée's pheromones) but was saved by Clark's Heat vision vaporizing the bullet in the air. Also when Desirée through Lex's drinks on him and lit him on fire, Clark extinguished the fire on Lex's back.
Smallville207 404 2x07 Lineage After Rachel Dunleavy kidnapped Lex, she went after him with an axe to force Lionel to acknowledge Clark as their illegitimate son but Lex was saved by Clark.
Prodigal5 2x15 Prodigal When Lex was tied to a chair by Lucas Luthor, Lucas pointed a gun at Lex's head in order to force Lionel's hand.
Smallville219 499 2x19 Precipice When Lex was in a fight with Paul Hayden for nearly killing Helen Bryce, he nearly killed Hayden but Hayden hit Lex with a frying pan and exchanged blows.
Smallville223 660 2x23 Exodus On his and Helen's wedding day, Lex was trapped in a plane crash.
Smallville301 392 3x01 Exile For three months, Lex survived being stranded on a deserted island.
Smallville302 648 3x02 Phoenix After learning the truth about Helen, Helen pulled a gun and tried to kill Lex. When he tried to take the gun from her, they shot the pilot in the struggle. The plane started to go down and Lex rushed into the cockpit to take over the controls, sparing him from death.
Smallville303 254 3x03 Extinction Lex was almost assassinated by Van McNulty for being a potential Meteor freak but he was saved by Clark.
Smallville308 590 3x08 Shattered Lex was almost hit by Morgan Edge's car but was saved by Clark.
Smallville322 772 3x22 Covenant Lex was poisoned by Lionel.
Smallville408 196 4x08 Spell Lex was threatened by Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux when she tried to obtain the manuscript displayed in Lex's study.
Smallville409 468 4x09 Bound After Lex was framed for Eve Andrews' murder, he was captured by the real killer Shannon Bell with the intention to kill him by setting him on fire as she was resentful of that Lex had slept with her more than once and never recognize her as more than an assistant but was saved by Clark.
Smallville410 393 4x10 Scare Lex risked his own life to prove the antidote to the toxin of fear that invaded Smallville.
Smallville415 307 4x15 Sacred Lex and Jason Teague were tortured by the local police of China in their search of one of the Stones of Power.
417Smallville0979 4x16 Onyx When Lex was split in two by black kryptonite, he was saved by Clark from Lex's evil counterpart.
421Smallville0638 4x21 Forever Lex was kidnapped and tortured by Jason and Genevieve Teague in their search for the Crystal of Water.
509Smallville0068 5x09 Lexmas Lex is shot while trying to obtain damaging information against Jonathan Kent to upset their race for Kansas State Senator.
511Smallville0569 5x11 Lockdown Lex was shot by the police officers searching for the spaceship that landed after the second meteor shower.
X16hypnotic720pmkv 001834168 5x16 Hypnotic Simone Chesterman instructed Clark to kill Lex but he was stopped when Chloe Sullivan saved Lex's life.
517Smallville0614 5x17 Void Lex briefly died after he was injected with the Limbo drug but came back to life after Chloe injected him with the antidote.
520Smallville1098 5x20 Fade Lex was saved by his security and Lana Lang from Graham Garrett's strangling assassination attempt.
520Smallville1098 5x20 Fade Lex and Lana Lang was saved by Clark from Graham Garrett's bullet.
522Smallville0962 5x22 Vessel As General Zod's vessel, Lex was almost killed by Clark to prevent Zod's return.
602Smallville0617 6x02 Sneeze Lex was kidnapped and tortured until Clark saved both Lex and Lana by blowing out a fire.
605Smallville0459 6x05 Reunion Lex and Oliver Queen were almost killed by Duncan Allenmeyer's astral projection on differents occasions.
607Smallville0922 6x07 Rage After Lex was shot in the chest by Green Arrow, he recovered after Clark injected him with the RL65 drug.
613Smallville0974 6x13 Crimson When Lex was almost choked to death by Clark (under red kryptonite's influence), Martha Kent weakened Clark with green kryptonite and saving Lex.
618Smallville0772 6x18 Progeny Lex was saved by Clark from Chloe firing a smoke grenade at him.
Sv619 255 6x19 Nemesis Lex and Clark almost died in Smallville's tunnels.
622Smallville0902 6x22 Phantom Lex could have been murdered by the last phantom if he didn't sacrifice his scientist.
701Smallville0119 7x01 Bizarro When Lex almost drowned as a result of the dam break caused by Clark's struggle with his evil doppleganger, he was saved by Kara Kent.
704Smallville0698 7x04 Cure Lex was almost killed by Curtis Knox but was saved by Clark.
707Smallville0899 7x07 Wrath Lex was almost killed by Lana's Super strength.
S712bodycount 7x12 Fracture After Lex was shot by Jacob Finley and almost died while being interrogated by Clark using Project Intercept, Chloe used her powers to heal Lex.
Hero438 7x13 Hero While toturing Pete, Lex was knocked unconscious by Clark.
Clark lex fortress 7x20 Arctic When Lex activated the Orb at the Fortress of Solitude, it collapsed on top of him and Clark.
LexLuthorLastMoment 8x14 Requiem Lex died when Oliver used Winslow Schott's bomb to murder him in a nasty truck explosion.
Lazarus 0815 10x01 Lazarus Lex's clone gets choked by Clark. However, "Lex" died because of the clone's mutated body.
10x10 Luthor It was revealed that Earth-2 Lex Luthor was killed by his adopted brother Clark Luthor.
S10e22-005 10x22 Finale, Part 2 After Earth-2 Lionel Luthor's deal with Darkseid, Lex was completely restored within his composite clone.
11x1 Guardian When Lex combined Hank Henshaw to the S.T.A.R. Labs drone, Henshaw snaped and almost killed lex if Superman hadn't stopped it.


  • Lex has been in two separate car accidents involving Clark in Pilot and Shattered.

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