Lex Luthor and Julian Luthor had a tragic relationship.

Early life

Smallville319 520

Lex finds Julian's corpse.

In 1991, Lex was eleven when his baby brother Julian was born. When Lex discovered that Julian was suffocated by their mother during a bout of severe post-partum depression, Lex took the blame as he thought that his father Lionel Luthor would harm his mother but knowing he would not be harmed as he was Lionel's only remaining heir. He then repressed the memory and grew up believing that he really had killed his brother.

Season Three

Smallville319 105

Lex attempts to regain the memories of his sordid past.

While attampting to regain his missing memories from Lionel's electroshock therapy erasing seven weeks of his life, Lex went to Dr. Lawrence Garner, seeking his help in regaining his memories. He underwent an experiment process which involved being lowered into a tank of liquefied kryptonite. Although he didn't regain memory of the past seven weeks of his life, Lex did regain his true memories of his younger brother's death at the hands of his mother years previously.

Season Seven

Lex was revealed to be responsible for making Grant Gabriel an editor at the Daily Planet. He told Grant to break off the relationship he had with Lois Lane. Although Grant said that he was Julian, it was later revealed that he was actually a clone of Julian when Adrian Cross used Lois to expose Project Gemini. He also revealed that he had purchased the Daily Planet.

Normal gemini448

Lex being interrogated by Lois about Project Gemini

After it was revealed Lex illegally cloned Julian to have someone to love and to be a companion, he had warned Gabriel to stay away from Lionel, under the guise that Lionel would reject and hate Gabriel. Instead, Gabriel, resentful of Lex's control of his life and how he was created confronted Lionel with what his son had done. Instead, to Gabriel's amazement, Lionel, while truly repulsed by what Lex did, nonetheless didn't hold it against Gabriel and actually accepted him as his son. After learning that Grant went to Lionel and that Lionel knew about him and to his hurt Lionel prefered "Julian" over Lex despite being repulsed at Lex for creating him. Later, Lex tried to force the two to stay away from each other by warning Gabriel to do so and firing him from the editor position at the Daily Planet. However, when neither obeyed, Lex felt that he was forced to have Grant assassinated, not being able to stand that Lionel loved him more than him. He had an assassin pose as a mugger to rob them. The assassin shot Gabriel in front of Lionel, and he died in Lionel's arms. The assassin text messaged Lex that the job was done. Lex, in numb shock, walked to his patio in the rain and screamed skyward in grief and loneliness over what he had done.

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