Series  Smalllville Comic #9
Number  19
Writer  Clint Carpenter
Pencils  Jim Fern
Inks  Lary Stucker
Colors  Guy Major
Lettering  Pat Brosseau
Publication Date 
Previous Story: Secrets

Next Story: Rampage


Lex examines the wrecked car that Clark saved him from, only to be visited by Clark. Clark asks for the keys to the Talon so that he can surprise Lana. After a visit with Lana, Lex discovers bugging equipment and suspects FBI Agent Frank Loder.


(Credit for the recap information goes to Neal Bailey from Superman Homepage.)

Lex examines the totaled car from the premiere in his room of obsession. He's told that Clark has arrived to see him.

Lex meets him in the scene from Secrets, asking for the Talon keys and getting them, only this time, Lex is typing to an FBI agent and hiding it from Clark about tapping his father.

Lex picks up Lana to take her to the Talon for a formality inspection before signing over the papers.

Lex encourages her to go to Paris, saying she's destined for great things, and Smallville's too small for her.

They almost hit the goons Clark fought in the previous story, just as Clark is finishing his fight with them.

Inside the Talon, Lex calls the FBI Agent and tells him to stay away from his friends, including the Talon, showing that the goons were FBI planting surveillance gear.

Lionel arrives, and tells Lex after the FBI goon leaves that the listening devices were from his men, to get at Clark, which he encourages Lex to join him in, citing the strangeness of Clark's fight with the goons without dying.

Enter the scene with Clark and the evidence again, and the same commitment from both to the truth.


  • Lies are a false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood.
  • In this story, Lex lies to Clark about the FBI, and to Lionel about the reason why Frank Loder is present (Claiming that Frank is being considered for the job of being his butler). Clark lies to Lex about the missing bullets and melted fire escape from the last story.


  • Lex's accusation of Loder bugging the Talon, might be a reference to the deleted scene from the episode Memoria. Thus Secrets and Lies takes place between Memoria and Forsaken (as Lionel isn't behind bars).
  • This story was published in Smallville #9. A retelling of the previous story in #9, Secrets that was done from Clark's point of view.

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