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Lt. Trotter
Occupation Department of Domestic Security VRA Division Officer (Lieutenant)
Played By Lori Ann Triolo
Status Alive

Lieutenant Trotter is a Department of Domestic Security Officer in the Department's paramilitary Vigilante Registration Agency division. She was formerly Lieutenant General Slade Wilson's aide.

After his disappearance, she apparently became head of a DDS strike team operation securing various holding facilities that house captured superpowered beings regarded as vigilante by the US government under the banner of the VRA.

Season Ten

After the heroes were captured in Hawkman's funeral, they awoke in the "reality" wondering why they had not powers and how they got free.

Later, thanks to Chloe's intervention Clark, Lois, Oliver and Dinah discovered that they were trapped in a virtual word so the VRA can figure how to supress their powers in the real life. When Chloe was trying to rescue Clark and Lois after she rescued Oliver and Dinah, she was hit by Trotter who arrived at the place and gave the order to avoid to Clark to get out of the virtual reality, She told one of her men to use Chloe's avatar to stop Clark for leaving and she left the place with a tie-hand Chloe.

Outside she gave the order to kill Chloe. However she was rescued by Oliver and the Suicide Squad, with Deathshot firing at Trotter men. Trotter was confroted by Black Canary, the two women started to fight but Dinah won the fight as she defended herself well against Trotter who later recieved Black Canary special cry once Trotter had no ammo.

At the end of the episode Lois said that Trotter and her men were trapped in the virtual reality with Chloe saying this action is good as it helps to protect Clark's secret. (Collateral)