Lincoln Cole
Family Wife, children
Occupation Unknown, related to Apex
Played By Ian Tracey
Status Incarcerated

"I stood right in front of you and you didn't know who I was. You didn't see . . . an entire life gone because of your little game with Apex. I'm no one. I'm just another piece of Lionel Luthor's collateral damage." - Lincoln Cole

Lincoln Cole was a masked tormentor who sought revenge against Lionel Luthor.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lincoln appeared to be a middle-aged man with brown eyes and short dark brown hair. Tormenting Lionel, he wore a silver-grafted mask, with beaming blue eyes, that was quite menacing, on his face.


Lincoln's original personality was never really explored.

After having lost his job to Lionel, he absolutely hated Lionel, despising him excessively to no end. He put him through harsh tests, just so that he could kill him in the end.

Early lifeEdit

Lincoln's life was ruined when Lionel used the company Apex to try to take LuthorCorp back from Lex.

Season FiveEdit

The Tormenter

Lincoln posed as the man checking Lionel's office for electronic devices shortly before he kidnapped and tormented him with life-threatening riddles, games and puzzles. He then kidnapped Martha Kent and threatened her to torment Lionel even further. He was apprehended by Lex Luthor, Clark Kent and the authorities. According to Lex, he had to be sedated after learning that Lionel was still alive.


  • Lincoln was very similar to the character Jigsaw in the Saw movies as he too abducted people and put them through deadly games.