Smallville s03e22 253
Lindsey Harrison
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Powers and
All Kryptonian Powers (Demonstrated: Super strength, Super speed, Flight, Super hearing, matter manipulation)
Played By Adrianne Palicki
Status Unknown
"Hello, Clark. My name is Kara. I'm from Krypton." – Lindsey, to Clark Kent, Covenant

Lindsey Harrison was a Kryptonian vessel programmed by Jor-El to be Kara of Krypton and was trapped in the Kawatche Caves until Jor-El used her to lure Clark into his training.

Physical Appearance


Kara comes to entice Clark to return to Jor-El.

Lindsey is a young girl, in her late teens. Tall and statuesque with tanned skin, long blonde hair, blue eyes and a small mole between her eyebrows. Strangely, her obvious physical beauty was never noted within the show and Clark Kent seemed only mildly surprised when she arrived at his farm naked. She was soon given a flannel shirt to cover herself. However, she quickly abandoned this attire for a white tank top and knee-long skirt. Due to her invulnerability, she never acquired footwear, and remained barefoot.


"Jor-El used you, he stole away your life and striped away your humanity; all so he could lure Clark to him." Johnathan to Lindsey

Lindsey acted as a very confident Kryptonian native, who was weary of humans and loyal only to her race and Clark's "salvation". She cared little for people and this amplified her Kryptonian heritage: the more she could "prove" humans to be untrustworthy, the more superior the Kryptonian way of life appeared. She did not appear to be bothered by killing people. She seemed to have been completely brainwashed by Jor-El and believed without a doubt that she was Kryptonian and thus more rational, trustworthy and advanced than human beings. She is very forward with Clark and offers him herself emotionally and physically. It is almost as if she knows what to say to get to Clark's insecurities and fears; this could be because Jor-El would know that Clark felt very alone being with the humans because he wasn't one. Other than pumping up the Kryptonian way of life, she seemed to have no other interests.

Powers and Abilities

"This girl is more powerful than Clark!"Martha Kent, Covenant

Lindsey Harrison was chosen by Jor-El to serve as a vessel, in order to coerce Clark into listening to him. She displayed many native Kryptonian powers and abilities and knew how to control them almost instantly upon emerging from the Kawatche Cave walls. Martha said that Lindsey was more powerful than Clark, but Martha seemed to have just been exaggerating because Lindsey could fly and Clark couldn't, which doesn't make her more powerful than Clark. She didn't do anything to substantiate what Martha said.

  • Super Strength - Lindsey, while being used by Jor-El, possessed superhuman strength and could easily overpower humans. She was strong enough to demolish a car with her bare hands.
  • Super Speed - Lindsey was able to run faster than the speed of sound. She run from the Kents house to a nearby road in less than a second.
  • Flight - Lindsey was able to fly Clark Kent to the Kawatche Caves.
  • Super Hearing - Lindsey was able to hear Agent Loder from a great distance.
  • Longevity - Lindsey presumably hasn't aged when Clark mentions this to her. It is unknown if she has demonstrated this ability.

She also displayed abilities that were not displayed by other Kryptonians, suggesting she may have been aided by Jor-El.

  • Matter Manipulation - Lindsey was able to disintegrate both Agent Loder and his car.

Early life

In her youth, she was arrested for shoplifting. During the 1989 meteor shower, she and her mother were returning to their home in Illinois when their car was struck by a meteor on Route 8 near the Kawatche Caves. Her mother was killed, but Lindsey's body was never found.

It's unknown how, but somehow Lindsey ended up inside a wall of the Kawatche Caves. Jor-El eventually granted her Kryptonian abilities and a Kryptonian personality. Giving her the name "Kara", after his niece.

Season Three

Lindsey as Kara came out of the woods, naked, and used strength to demolish a car. She arrived at the Kent Farm and greeted Clark, introducing herself as "Kara from Krypton."

Upon receiving some clothes, she claimed to have come from the Kawatche Caves and told the Kents she was there to take Clark home to fulfill his destiny, and warned that everyone he knows would betray him. Kara took Clark flying to the cave and revealed that she has been in the cave waiting for the time to be right. Clark declined her offer to go into a passageway to find out everything. The next day, she revealed to the family that Jonathan broke the covenant: that in return for the power he received to bring Clark home, Jonathan would return Clark to Jor-El.

As Agent Loder listened in, Kara sensed him and murdered him by disintegrating him and his car. Kara warned Clark that he and she were the last Kryptonians alive and they must preserve their race.

When Clark learned of Lex's room of obsession and after Lana left for Paris, Kara comforted Clark and promised to take him to Lara. Clark and Kara prepared to "leave" but Chloe identified her fingerprints as those of Lindsey Harrison. They discovered that Jor-El had used her to lure Clark to him. Jor-El transported her back into the portal and stated that Kara has served her purpose.

Season Seven

After Clark encounters another girl named Kara, he goes to the Fortress of Solitude and questions Jor-El about her, during which he mentions Lindsey.


"Kara": You shouldn't involve yourself in their problems.
Clark: Lex is my friend. I want to help him.
"Kara": You can't trust him.
Clark: You don't know him.
"Kara": I don't have to. It's human nature. It's just who they are.
Clark: They happen to be the people that I care about.
"Kara": Which is why it'll be that much harder when they all betray you. I can understand why you're scared. This is all you know. But you're not meant for this world, Kal-El. You were meant for mine.
Season Three: "Covenant"
Clark: I can't fly.
"Kara": Not yet. This is just the beginning, Kal-El. You have no idea how powerful you'll become.
Season Three: "Covenant"


  • The character of Lindsey Harrison carries similarities with Ellie Leeds, who appeared in Superman Family #203. Ellie Leeds was a human girl, who was granted Kryptonian powers and believed herself to be the Girl of Steel.
  • No explaination was given to how Lindsey ended up in the Kawatche Cave.