Smallville s03e22 253
Lindsay Harrison
Family Mrs. Harrison (Mother)
Occupation Agent of Jor-El
Powers and
Several Kryptonian-like Abilities
Molecular Disintegration
Played By Adrianne Palicki
Status Unknown
Last Seen Covenant
"Hello, Clark. My name is Kara. I'm from Krypton."
—"Kara" upon meeting Clark. [src]

Lindsay Harrison was a teenage girl who went missing after the 1989 meteor shower in Smallville. 14 years later, she seemingly reappeared in town and claimed to be a Kryptonian girl named Kara.

Physical Appearance

Lindsay was a young girl in her late adolescence. Modest in height and statuesque, with tanned skin and shoulder-length blond hair sporting short bangs. Her eyes were blue and she had a small mole between her eyebrows. Her features were rounded and soft.



Kara comes to entice Clark to return to Jor-El.

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Powers and Abilities

"That girl is more powerful than Clark!"
—Martha to Jonathan. [src]
  • Molecular Disintegration - In addition to her Kryptonian-based abilities, Lindsay also displayed the power to disintegrate matter at the molecular level with her hands. She did this with Agent Loder's car - completely atomizing the vehicle and killing Loder instantaneously, to the point of feeling no pain.

Early Life

In her youth, she was arrested for shoplifting. During the 1989 meteor shower, she and her mother were returning to their home in Illinois when their car was struck by a meteor on Route 8 near the Kawatche Caves. Her mother was killed, but Lindsay's body was never found.

It's unknown what happened to her. Jonathan Kent speculated that she had been trapped in the Caves by Jor-El and turned into a Kryptonian. However, this was never proven.

Season Three

Kara first appears walking through the woods of Smallville at night, completely naked. She steps out onto the road and is almost hit by an incoming driver, only to smash the hood with her fists - sending the vehicle careening over her head and bursting into flames upon impact.

Casually proceeding on her path, she makes her way to the Kent Farm and presents herself to a bewildered Clark as he answers the door, introducing herself as Kara from Krypton. After the Kents provide her with clothing, Clark inquires about Krypton and her reasons for showing up.

She explains that she emerged from inside the cave walls and that it's her intention to take Clark back with her to a place where he wouldn't be alone. Jonathan, skeptical of her motives, tries to reason with her, however she shuts him down - calling Clark by his Kryptonian name.

Upon receiving some clothes, she claimed to have come from the Kawatche Caves and told the Kents she was there to take Clark home to fulfill his destiny, and warned that everyone he knows would betray him. Kara took Clark flying to the cave and revealed that she has been in the cave waiting for the time to be right. Clark declined her offer to go into a passageway to find out everything. The next day, she revealed to the family that Jonathan broke the covenant: that in return for the power he received to bring Clark home, Jonathan would return Clark to Jor-El.

As Agent Loder listened in, Kara sensed him and murdered him by disintegrating him and his car. Kara warned Clark that he and she were the last Kryptonians alive and they must preserve their race.

When Clark learned of Lex's room of obsession and after Lana left for Paris, Kara comforted Clark and promised to take him to Lara. Clark and Kara prepared to "leave" but Chloe identified her fingerprints as those of Lindsay Harrison. After she was confronted about this by Clark and Jonathan, Kara disappeared in a flash of light. According to Jor-El, she had served her purpose.

Season Seven

After Clark encounters another girl named Kara, he goes to the Fortress of Solitude and questions Jor-El about her, during which he mentions Lindsay.


"Kara": You shouldn't involve yourself in their problems.
Clark: Lex is my friend. I want to help him.
"Kara": You can't trust him.
Clark: You don't know him.
"Kara": I don't have to. It's human nature. It's just who they are.
Clark: They happen to be the people that I care about.
"Kara": Which is why it'll be that much harder when they all betray you. I can understand why you're scared. This is all you know. But you're not meant for this world, Kal-El. You were meant for mine.
Season Three: "Covenant"
Clark: I can't fly.
"Kara": Not yet. This is just the beginning, Kal-El. You have no idea how powerful you'll become.
Season Three: "Covenant"


  • The character of Lindsay Harrison carries similarities with Ellie Leeds, who appeared in Superman Family #203. Ellie Leeds was a human girl, who was granted Kryptonian powers and believed herself to be the Girl of Steel.
  • Lindsay's motivations as Kara - or at least the false desires that Jor-El programmed into her - were very similar to Maxima. Both intended to mate with Clark to propagate their races, and both believed they understood his destiny. While Maxima was more assertive, Kara was subtle.
  • There are hints that "Kara" might not actually be Lindsay, but merely a recreation made by Jor-El. She never eats, which is remarked upon by Martha. When she runs to Loder, she passes through a solid fence and when Jor-El disposes of her, she becomes transparent and fades away.
    • This could then make Lindsay into an allusion to Super-Girl, who appeared in Superman #123. Super-Girl (who predates the iconic Supergirl) was created by Jimmy Olsen, thanks to a magical totem, to be a super-powered companion to Superman. Olsen later dissolved her, after she was mortally wounded by Kryptonite.