"Let's go, son. Remember who you are. You are meant to become a god. Together, we can make sure you do." - Lionel Luthor to Conner Kent, Scion


Lionel Luthor and Alexander Luthor/Conner Kent in Season Ten

Lionel Luthor (from Earth-2) attempted to have a father-son relationship with Alexander Luthor/Conner Kent.

Season Ten

"I watched your body fall forty stories. It was the greatest moment of my life." - Alexander Luthor
"Well... what father doesn't want to make his son happy?" - Lionel Luthor

Lionel finds Alexander

Lionel met Alexander for the first time in Suicide Slums, personally seeking him out before anyone else and after Alexander shot Martha Kent in an attempt to shoot and kill Clark Kent. Lionel decided to aid Alexander in his goal to rectify the wrongs he made in the past. Lionel and Alexander took LuthorCorp back from Tess Mercer and Oliver Queen. However, Alexander decided to do away with Lionel and Martha at the mansion once he believed that Lionel favored Clark like Lionel did with his adopted son over his own flesh and blood in his reality as well as in this one. Alexander set fire to the mansion trapping Lionel and Martha inside only to be saved by Clark later.

Lionel vowed that he would have his "son" back as he was searching through Cadmus Labs, but

Lionel persuades Conner to join him.

Tess showed remains instead. In the end, Lionel discovered that she was lying by using the remains of one of the other clones and went on to find his "son". Lionel realized Alexander is now called Conner and had changed his hair, and developed Kryptonian abilities like Clark due to being a Kryptonian hybrid. He reached out to Conner, to remind him of his past as he gave him a red kryptonite ring with a tracking device in it. Lionel then took Conner to Lois Lane going through his files in his office about being the "fake" Lionel Luthor. Before he could kill Lois, Conner whisked her away. Lionel realized that the red kryptonite made Conner more excited in his infatuation with Lois, and continued to track Conner back to the Luthor Mansion where he had to subdue Clark with kryptonite. While there he tried to remind Conner about the fact that he is his "son", but Conner remained on Clark's side and turned his back on Lionel.

After Lionel found that Lex Luthor restored himself with his clones' best pieces, Lionel originally hoped to use Conner's heart to completely restore Lex as Lionel saw it as "a more poetic choice" but couldn't due to Tess hiding Conner from Lionel.


  • Alexander/Conner was the second "son" of Lionel with Kryptonian superpowers (after Clark Luthor of Earth-2).
  • Lionel considering Alexander/Conner as his son parallels the comics where Lex viewed Superboy (Conner) as his "son".
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