"I'm a reporter. Asking questions is in my blood!" - Lois to Basqat, Pandora.

Lois in the future

After her fight with Tess in the Daily Planet, Lois found herself in a deserted, dusty bullpen of the Daily Planet, and in the streets of Metropolis as she gazed at the red sun. However, she was not entirely alone when the Kandorian Basqat approached her. When Lois told him that the Red-Blue Blur would stop him, Basqat replied that the Blur was dead, as she saw his Kryptonian shield shirt hanging, torn to shreds. Lois was brought to the Kent barn, as a prisoner. She encountered Alia, and subsequently, Clark, who told her everything that happened after her disappearance.


Clark and Lois make love.

Lois was taken to see Zod at the Luthor Mansion, where he questioned her about the Legion ring and how she got to the “restricted zone.” Lois then saw Tess, at Zod's side. Seeing both Clark and Lois defiant, Zod ordered the two to be executed. However, Chloe and Oliver appeared and rescued them, and Chloe killed Tess in the process. Lois watched as Oliver buried Tess' body, and was taken to the Resistance headquarters, seeing that Chloe and Oliver no longer trusted Clark. Clark had a plan to retrieve the Legion ring from Zod, and return Lois to the past to prevent the construction and use of the solar tower.


Clark puts the Legion ring on Lois and Alia follows her.

Lois and Clark later spent a powerful, sensuous and romantic night together and succumbed to their passions, making love for the first time. A day after this, Lois watched in horror as Chloe, Oliver, and then Clark were killed in the onslaught to destroy the solar tower. Zod almost killed her, but she took the Legion ring and was later followed by Alia to the present day.

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