"Rule #3: Do whatever it takes to get the story." - Lois Lane to Clark Kent, Plastique

Lois learns that Clark will be working at the Daily Planet.

Lois snuck into the Luthor Mansion, dressed as a maid, looking for evidence of her cousin's disappearance, but was immediately recognized by Lex's assistant, Tess Mercer, but not before stealing a thumb drive containing possible information about Chloe. She learned that Chloe was being held in a secret base in Montana and set about finding her. She unexpectedly ran into Clark Kent, who was present with Oliver Queen, also on a mission to save Chloe. They located Chloe, but Lois was tasered unconscious. Back at work, she was working late when Clark unexpectedly arrived to tell her that he had taken her advice and decided to get a job at the Daily Planet.

Lois e clqark exs

Clark and Lois hear an explosion.

On Clark´s first day at the Planet, Lois helped him by telling him to change his clothes in a phone booth and giving him tips on how to impress their new boss. Later she helped Clark investigate a bus crash outside the Planet building and used her own resources to gain information. Together they discovered that Bette Sans Souci was the meteor freak that caused the bus to explode. Soon after, Lois wrote the story, earning herself a front-page headline.


Lois helping Oliver.

When Oliver falls poisoned, Tess told Lois to cover the story on Oliver and put in doubt her professionalism. Lois helped Davis Bloome to cure Oliver and told Davis to do whatever it takes to keep him alive. The situation make Lois wondered if she made the right decision to break up with Oliver and later decided not to do the story about him because of his near death experience and her feelings for him.


Lois finds Clark making out in an elevator.

Lois decided to team up with Clark on a story about a man who died of extremely high hormone levels. She was shocked to find Clark under a spell and making out with a strange redhead woman in the elevator. When Clark sees Lois he is able to break the spell, Clark tries to explain to Lois, who is angry at his behavior. Maxima then tried to kill Lois, and tells Lois that Clark would never have be able to break away from her, if it wasn't for his attraction to Lois. Clark speeds Maxima away just before she hurts Lois. Later, Clark has a discussion about soul mates with Lois, fearing that maybe she is right in front of him and he's too blind to see it, but Lois assures Clark that when he meets the right girl he will know.


Lois is forced to admit her feelings for Clark.

At Chloe and Jimmy's engagement party, Lois got drunk and felt embarrassed, after making a bad toast about Jimmy and Chloe, ending with hung-over at the Kent Farm. After learning that Chloe and Jimmy never returned home the night before, Lois and Clark then teamed up to find them and she suggested that they pose as an engaged couple to attract the kidnapper. Her plan was successful and she ended up being kidnapped by a psychotic jeweler and was forced to admit her feelings for Clark, in order to save him from electric shock. After Clark saved a clearly embarrassed Lois, she attempted to avoid Clark and claimed she removed the sensor and lied about her feelings.


Lois told Clark that she will have the first interview with the new vigilante

When Jimmy approached Lois about his developing story on a mysterious savior in Metropolis, Lois was skeptical until she was saved by the savior twice after being trapped in the middle of Tess's search for the Crystal of Knowledge. Lois declared that she would find the identity of the hero as well as have the first interview with the world wide hero.

Normal 808Smallville0043

Lois and Clark trapped in the Phantom Zone

Lois decided to take up Clark´s offer to move into the Kent Farm, but they were sucked into the Phantom Zone together due to the Crystal of Knowledge. Clark was able to send Lois back with the help of Kara, however Lois became possessed by Faora, who used Lois' body to locate her son. Clark and Kara vanquish Faora from Lois's body and she thought she had hallucinated the entire experience. After Tess gave her a raise at work, Lois changed her mind about living at the Kent Farm after all.


Lois and Jimmy go to Star City.

The day of Chloe and Jimmy's wedding, Lois, as the Maid of Honor, was responsible for coordinating the wedding at Clark's farm. When Jimmy suggested Clark might be interested in her, Lois denied they had an attraction. During the wedding, Clark offered Lois a dance and they almost kiss, but were interrupted by Lana Lang's sudden arrival. Lois was upset and disappointed, and later when Chloe's wedding was interrupted by a horrible monster, Lois accompanied a gravely-injured Jimmy Olsen to Star City while he received treatment. She told Clark she would stay there until she heard from Chloe again.

Lois stays about a month in Star City with Jimmy. During this time, Chloe mentioned to Clark that she knows that Lois has feelings for him and that Clark shouldn't hurt her. Lois only returns after Lana has already left.

S08e15 (15)

Lois disappointed after Clark stood her up

When Clark meets Linda Lake, she threatened to tell the world his secret. Clark decided to tell Lois his secret and have her write his story first. Things quickly went from bad to worse. After Clark is wanted by the government, he decided to rewrite time with the Legion ring. Lois is upset because she knows he would not tell her his secret again, Clark reassured her it is because she is special and he wanted to protect her.

After Clark rewrites time he picked Lois up from the airport, Lois told him to meet with her to talk about their kiss. Despite Clark showing up he sent her a text message saying he was held up and couldn't make it. Lois clearly disappointed, texted back saying that she couldn't make it there either.

Normal 817Smallville0397

Lois teases Clark with her framed rules.

On Chloe's birthday, Lois was assigned to go to Mexico, and while there, Chloe became Lois for one day due to a spell. After Lois returned, she questioned Clark on when he realized Chloe wasn't her and wanted to see the framed copies of her rules that Chloe told her about.


Lois talking to the Red Blue Blur

After Lois realized that her journalistic achievements were not advancing, she assumed that an interview or a story about
Lois as Stiletto

Lois as 'Stiletto' doing all she can just to get an article!

a superhero could relaunch her career and decided to invent her own super-heroine Stiletto. When she started to patrol Metropolis in hopes of befriending the Red Blue Blur, Clark discovered and unmasked her and the advised her that she did not need to make up false stories to be a good journalist. After Lois as Stiletto saved Clark and Jimmy, she received a message from the Red Blue Blur asking to finally talk at a phone booth. At night, Lois was excited to talk with her hero and when she finally did, she told him that she wanted be his friend and suggest a new super-hero name for him. Clark told her that when he was ready to tell the world who he really was, she'd be the first to know.
Normal 822Smallville0168

Tess confronts Lois about the Kryptonian orb.

Several weeks later, Lois was stubborn in finding Chloe after she disappeared and when the Red Blue Blur contacted her to publish his goodbye letter to the citizens of Metropolis, she requested that they meet each other at least once, by the phone booth at midnight. Lois broke into Tess' office to use her computer but found it encrypted. With Jimmy's help, they tracked Chloe and Davis and when Jimmy left to go get them, Lois continued looking through the computer and unearthed a video in Tess' files of Tess torturing Regan Matthews about an Orb that was alien tech and could potentially destroy all of mankind.

Lois LegionRing

Lois finds the Legion ring.

When she left Tess' office to go find Chloe, Tess confronted Lois and accused her of stealing the orb from her. Tess stopped her from leaving and attacked her. Lois fought back and in middle of the struggle, Lois found the Legion ring on the floor after knocking over Clark's things and when she picked it up, it was activated and transported her one year into the future.

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