"Oh and about that lap dance, if you decide to tell anybody about it, your Elmer Fudd nightlight will make a very public appearance." - Lois Lane to Clark Kent, Exposed

Lois at the Kent Farm

After the meteor shower of 2005, Lois went to look for the Kents at the barn and found them both alive, but Martha was seriously injured. She helped Jonathan take her to the hospital where she was assaulted by Kryptonians Nam-Ek and Aethyr. They let her go when Lana Lang diverted their attention by telling them what they wanted to know. Lois then continued her original plan to leave with General Lane in search of her sister.


Clark tells Lois she'll find someone special

Soon afterward, Lois returned to Smallville and moved back into Kent Farm and got her old job back at the Talon, much to the annoyance of Clark. At Crater Lake, Lois hit her head while diving and almost drowned. Clark went in to save her, but was beat by an another swimmer, Arthur Curry. They connected and kissed, but was caught by Clark walking in on them. Clark became extremely rude to Arthur, and Lois told Clark to back off, thinking that he's jealous of Arthur. Clark and Lois eventually made up and soon afterward Arthur Curry left town. Lois was very disappointed, but Clark told her that she'll find someone more special than Arthur someday.


Lois dancing as a stripper

Lois and Chloe found themselves in the middle of a murder investigation after receiving a call from an exotic dancer from the Windgate Club. Lois is forced into an uncomfortable position when they get caught by being passed off as a dancer, and is forced to perform in order to continue the investigation. She is almost taken out of the country until she was saved unknowningly by Clark, She thanks Clark for his efforts in saving her and they part as friends.

Shortly after, Lois moved out of the Kent's and into the apartment above the Talon and started to spend more time with Chloe in the nights at the Daily Planet.


Lois comments the suggestion of Chloe about Lois becoming a reporter.

During Jonathan and Lex's Senate race, Lois confronted Lex and suggested he bow out before someone dug up incriminating information on him. Lex was unconcerned, which fueled her passion even more. She convinced Chloe to help her dig up information on Lex that would make him lose the race. They attempted to investigate Warehouse 15, but were thwarted by security. Lois was disappointed to come up empty-handed, and Chloe suggested she become a reporter. Lois commented that she would never be able to stand all of the unanswered questions.


Lois is ambushed by Samantha Drake

After Lois criticized the image his campaign manager was portraying of Jonathan Kent, Jonathan fired him and hired Lois to manage his bid for Senate. She hung up posters, arranged rallies, and managed his finances. When Samantha Drake a student obsessed with Lex Luthor attempted to kill Jonathan, she tried to force Lois to shoot him. With Clark's help (he caught the bullet), Lois was able to fight her off.


Lois working for Jonathan bid for Senate.

When Jonathan confronted her about taking money from Lionel Luthor, she did not inform him that it was Martha who originally accepted Lionel's offer and instead took the blame herself. Later, when Martha clarified the situation, Jonathan apologized to her.

The day Jonathan won the election actually happened twice, due to Jor-El reversing time - the second time Lois was about to get electrocuted from falling off of a stool in the Talon apartment, she was saved by Clark instead of Lana. She later attended Jonathan's funeral with Chloe soon after.


Lois is concerned about her cousin after she tried to commit suicide

When Chloe was possessed by the spirit of a murdered girl, she seemingly tried to kill herself and Lois took her to the hospital. Lois felt guilty about Chloe's condition and was extremely concerned for her safety. Later, Lois and Chloe were abducted by the girl's killer Michael Westmore, who almost killed them both. With Clark's help, they were able to free Chloe from the spirit and escape being murdered.


Lois being held hostage by a hypnotized Martha

Lois was the first to encounter a hypnotized Clark after he met the evil Simone after seeing them making out behind the Talon. Chloe enlisted Lois' help to try and stop Clark from leaving with Simone and killing Lex. When Martha became hypnotized as well, she almost shot Lois, but Chloe stopped her just in time.


Lois is injured.

When Martha's chief of staff was murdered, she took in her foster daughter, Maddie Van Horn. However, while Lois was in charge of watching Maddie, she encountered Maddie's murderous father, Tyler McKnight. Lois was injured when McKnight shattered a car window and sent the glass flying towards her. Lois felt great guilt and disappointment with herself for letting Maddie get taken. Martha later hired Lois as her new Chief of Staff.


Lois finds a new potential boyfriend.

Lois was wined and dined by the wealthy Graham Garrett after Clark saved his life and he met her at Clark's house. He began to lavish her with expensive and exotic dates and Lois started to feel more attracted to him. Without her knowing, Garret began to spy on her and after Chloe revealed Graham to be a hired hit-man and a killer, Lois talked to Martha about why she always attracted to bad boys, but Martha assured her that she had similar experiences at Lois' age, and tells Lois that the reason they date the wrong people is so that they can recognize the right person.


Lois reassures Clark that he'll find someone someday.

On Clark's birthday, Lois made him an irregular blue rum cake and gave him a journal, so that he would hopefully find some way to release all the feelings he kept bottled up about Lana and maybe move on with his life. Later, Lois met Lana at the Talon and realized that she was in a relationship with Lex and offered an ear and had a three hour conversation with Lana about the status of her relationship with Lex. When Clark was depressed because of the developing relationship between Lex and Lana, Lois tried to reassure him by reminding him he will find someone someday that may not be Lana.


Lois and Martha running out of oxygen

When Martha and Lois were scheduled to attend a conference in Washington D.C., their flight was cancelled and then Lionel offered them the LuthorCorp jet and Martha accepted. When they started noticing certain surroundings that shouldn't be there like mountains in the distance, Lois tries to get a hold of the pilot to find out what was going on, but he didn't respond as the pilot turned out to be Brainiac leading them to their demise. She tried to get the door open and starts to realize that he turned the oxygen off which made Martha pass out but Lois was able to get the emergency oxygen tank out, but she soon passed out as well before she could reach for them and actually use them.