"Uh, no hard feelings here, Cuz, but unlike you, the last thing I want to be is a reporter."
"Yeah, God. What could be worse than, you know, uncovering the truth and protecting the public"
"And sticking your nose in other people's business."
"Like I said. You'd be perfect." Lois, and Chloe,- Facade

Lois Lane arrives in Smallville.

Lois came to Smallville to investigate Chloe Sullivan's murder, after she found a video diary Chloe made addressed to Clark Kent, regarding her information on Lionel Luthor. Driving through the countryside, a bolt of lightning struck the cornfield in front of her. When she got out to investigate, she found a naked and disoriented Clark Kent, returned to Earth as Kal-El. Lois took him to the Smallville Medical Center where he was recognized by his mother, Martha Kent. Upon learning that she had indeed found Clark Kent, Lois visited the Kent Farm the next day to ask Martha if they knew anything about Chloe's death. Martha warned her not to get tangled with Lionel Luthor.


Lois investigates Chloe's death.

When Kal-El was restored as Clark, he offered to help her solve Chloe's death. They investigated together and found Chloe alive. Lois stayed with the Kents until her father, General Lane came to collect her, she then left to start her first semester at Metropolis University.


Dr. Fine is about to destroy Lois' beauty.

However, she later learned that she failed her last semester of high school, as she did not have enough credits to graduate. General Lane ordered her to enroll in Smallville High to finish. The Kents again offered to let her stay and she did so while she attended high school.

During her time at Smallville High, Lois wrote for the school newspaper, the Smallville Torch. Although Lois did not seem enthusiastic about journalism, she often teamed up with Clark and Chloe for various investigations as they worked together to find out the truth about meteor infected humans in Smallville.


Lois in high school with Clark

She helped investigate a strange love potion that infected Chloe and wrote an article about plastic surgery that won her some acclaim from Torch readers. Through it all, Lois and Clark continued to squabble, trading sarcastic remarks back and forth and generally frustrating each other.


Lois possessed by a witch

On Chloe's eighteenth birthday, Lois was possessed by a 17th Century witch, Brianna Withridge. With Lana and Chloe also possessed by witches themselves, they joined a wild party and stripped Clark of his powers. When he recovered his powers, all three girls were restored to normal.

Later, Lois pleaded to the dean while, in addition, Clark asked Lex Luthor to pull some strings and she was allowed to attend Metropolis University.


Lois finds Clark and Alicia's body.

After Clark (under the influence of red kryptonite) and Alicia Baker attempted to wed in Las Vegas, Lois was shown to be very critical of their relationship, even making inappropriate and public comments about it. Meanwhile, Lois went on a date with Tim Westcott and found out he was trying to murder Jason and Lana because of their unnatural relationship (age difference). Tim then proceeded to kill Alicia, angering Clark almost to the point of murdering Tim, Lois was able to reach out to Clark and stopped him from killing Tim.


Lois after confronting Geoff

Shortly after it began, Lois's stint in college came to a disastrous end when she was wrongly accused of attacking a Met U football player and expelled for violating the drinking policy. When she discovered the real assailant, Geoff Johns, he proceeded to paralyze her, placing her in an underground water tank to drown. Clark saved her just in time. Unable to admit to her father what had happened, she asked the Kents if she could come back to stay with them until she figured something out.

While returning to the Kent farm to set up residence, she accidentally hit a dog with kryptonite-induced super strength. The dogs original owners were using "Einstein" and another dog to rob people, but "Einstein" ended up turning against his owners and bonded with Clark and Lois, even though she is allergic to dogs. Lois suggested naming the dog "Clarky" because he had a talent for annoying her, but in the end they decided on naming him "Shelby" after Martha's childhood dog.


Lois reunited with her sister, Lucy

Lois was reunited with her sister, Lucy, who came to Smallville to ask her sister to help her resolve a situation with a European loan shark. The two were later kidnapped during Lucy's attempt to extort money from Lex. When Lucy skipped town with Lex's money, Lois blamed herself for the way Lucy turned out. For the first time, Lois talked to Clark openly about how her father brought her up. And clark assure Lois that she is a good big sister.

Around the time of Clark's prom, a student named Dawn Stiles began to possess people in Smallville. After Dawn possessed Lois, she and Clark went to prom together, resulting in much confusion for Lois when her own personality was restored. Although Clark offered to dance with her, she encouraged him to dance with Lana instead.


Lois wonders why she is at the Prom.

On the way home one evening, Lois hit a dog, Shelby, and brought him to the Kent Farm. The dog turned out to possess super-strength and Clark decided to keep him. Soon afterwards, Lois also joined Martha Kent as a part-time waitress in Talon.


Lois sees the destruction of Smallville.

On Clark's last day of high school, Lois helped him locate Chloe and Lana, who had both gone missing. Suspecting Brendan Nash took them, Clark and Lois located a warehouse in which Brendan had set up a fake high school. Lois found her own way inside, but she was attacked by Brendan and converted into a wax statue. Brendan almost shattered her with a bat, but Clark blocked the strike and saved all three girls from being killed; when Brendan died, she and the others were restored to normal.

The day of Clark's high school graduation, Lois announced to the Kents that she and her father would be leaving to go find her sister. However, the second meteor shower prevented her from leaving and she watched the devastation that laid waste to the town.