"This is embarrassing to admit, but... I don't want to be alone anymore." - Lois Lane to Clark Kent after fighting zombies, Rabid

Lois returns from the future.

After three weeks of being missing, Lois returned to Metropolis and was followed by an assassin. Being unable to contact the Blur, Lois went in search of her other hero, Green Arrow, and found him at an illegal fight club, where she pleaded with him for help. When the assassin tracked Lois down to the fight club, Oliver protected Lois while Clark dealt with the Kryptonian assassin. Lois received a phone call from the Blur, during which he asked her to keep his existence a secret. That night Lois had a vivid dream of the future.

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The Blur call Lois asking for her help.

After Lois began searching for Clark, Chloe suggested that Lois missed him, Lois insisted that she only wanted Clark back as she didn't like her new partner, John Corben, who disliked the Blur. When The Blur asked for her help to track down a man, Lois was excited but when she realized that John Corben was the man, John kidnapped her. The Blur rescued Lois and she begged him to reveal his face but he supersped away. Lois was finally reunited with Clark and Lois immediately hugged him, making it obvious that she missed him very much.


Lois has a vision.

Lois accompanied Clark to interview Tess who had been attacked by rabid zombies. They discovered that she had been infected with the zombie virus along with the staff at the Daily Planet. Clark and Lois fought the zombies off but Lois was bitten during the struggle, and when she fell asleep, the virus took over her. A zombified Lois attacked Clark but he held her firmly until the antidote that was administered into the sky came down as rain and cure her, Clark and Lois share a tender embrace in the rain.


Lois can't hide anymore her attraction towards Clark

Due to Clark's telepathic ability, Lois became very impressed with the fact that she felt that the two of them were on the same "wavelength." Clark and Lois made plans to attend a Monster Truck Rally, and Lois felt that this could be the beginning of a great relationship between the two, as she expressed to Chloe.

Lois was concerned for Oliver once she heard about his suicide attempt and investigated his disappearance, which led her to Victoria Sinclair. When Victoria claimed that Oliver's car belonged to her, Lois and Victoria ended up in a fight until Victoria drew a gun. Lois remained Victoria's hostage until Oliver rescued her.


Lois and Clark's first real kiss

Oliver eventually confessed his feelings for Lois during a televised blind date. During Lois' short-lived television career believing that she needed a back up for her career as a journalist, and was employed with Clark for a morning TV show. Which set their first report on blind dating. Lois was shocked when Oliver was her blind date and she took him away from the cameras to say she only love him as a friend, as Clark was the man for her. Clark eventually made his move and Lois and Clark shared their first real kiss, after he saved her and Oliver from Mia Dearden's boss and they were let go from their television job.

Lois left Metropolis to reflect on the possibility of pursuing a relationship with Clark. She remained distracted by her vivid vision of her and Clark and she went to a therapist to discuss it.

Idol -314

Lois professed her support for the Blur

During a phone call with the Blur, a phone glitch revealed the voice of Clark Kent, much to Lois' shock. After discovering the Blur's identity, Lois defended him against the crooked District Attorney who was using a series of super blunders caused by The Wonder Twins to discredit the Blur. However, this put Lois in the District Attorney's crosshairs and he tried to kill her. To redeem themselves, The Wonder Twins saved Lois and disproved her theory that Clark was the Blur.


Lois being tested

As Lois decided to pursue a relationship with Clark, she kissed him but then had flashes of her recurring dream, causing her to collapse. Lois was taken to the hospital but Tess kidnapped her in order to study her memories of the weeks she was missing. Clark was able to rescue Lois and she left the hospital believing she had a blood sugar issue. Clark then made a proposal to be a couple, at first Lois hesitated because of her past relationships, but finally agreed.

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Lois and Clark fall in love.

Lois was attacked by the Dark Archer, whom she assumed to be Oliver, and had an arrow shot through her shoulder. She was later taken to the Metropolis General where she was visited by Zod, who claimed to be a friend of Clark's. Zod gave her a Kryptonian trinket-charm, which Clark was surprised to see when she met him later. Clark ask Lois to stay away from Zod.


Lois investigates the JSA.

Lois received a package on her desk with a note saying: "The truth will set you free" and several photos of the members of Justice Society of America. This led Lois to the museum where she met Doctor Fate. He told Lois that he saw her fate fate, and she will need the "savior" and he will need her. Later, Amanda Waller admitted to Lois that she had sent the package, as she believed Lois was good at getting the truth. She handed her a cell-phone and said they'd be in touch.

Lois attended a comic book convention and saw Clark with Zatanna, ending with Zatanna trying to seduce Clark. Lois was not pleased, Clark admitted his mistake and apologized. Nevertheless, Lois still got even by kissing another man.

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Lois dancing in a wedding dress

When Clark gained the power of persuasion from gemstone Kryptonite, Lois was convinced to have a traditional relationship with Clark and quit her job to fully dedicate her life to Clark. She told Clark that they were now engaged and she phoned everyone to tell them that she was getting married to Clark. But Chloe was not happy about this and Lois and Chloe got into a fight. She was returned to normal by kryptonite.

Conspiracy 0820

Lois tries to help Zod.

Bernard Chisholm went to Lois about the existence of the Kandorian aliens on Earth, however she feared that he was insane and had to inform the police. Before she could say anything, Chisholm kidnapped Lois to show her the truth of his claims. Lois tried to save Vala with help from Zod, but Chisholm stopped them. Lois managed to take a blood sample and had it sent to the lab for analysis but it was taken by Amanda Waller, the head of the agency, Checkmate.


A possessed Lois lures Oliver to his death

Lois and Clark decided to go on a mysterious romantic getaway for the weekend only to discover that Chloe and Oliver were at the same bed and breakfast. While there the Silver Banshee escaped from the underworld and possessed the body of Chloe, who Lois caught trying to seduce Clark in the shower before Lois became the next host for Silver Banshee. A possessed Lois then tried to kill both Oliver and Clark, before the Silver Banshee was banished back to the underworld by Chloe. Upon returning home, Lois received a phone call from Zod masquerading as The Blur asking for help to secretly retrieve information about Tess, which Lois agreed to.

Upgrade 2000

Lois tells John Corben that she is in love with someone else.

Soon after, Lois went undercover in one of Tess' secret labs and inadvertently discovered the whereabouts of John Corben, who saved her from an explosion. In return for saving her, Lois helped John to find kryptonite to recharge his weakened heart and tried to get him out of Metropolis, but they were intercepted by one of Tess' agents. Lois returned to the secret lab in the hope of finding Corben but instead met Tess and confronted her, but Chloe chloroformed her unconscious and took her away. John found Lois one last time and she took advantage to give him the Red kryptonite heart that she stole from Tess and made it clear she was in love with someone else.


Lois feels for the Blur

Sometime later, Lois hoped to move things forward in her relationship with Clark by being more open about her secrets, but the new editor at the Daily Planet threw a spanner in the works when he forced Lois and Clark to fight for the same job. Lois investigated the early prison release of Ray Sacks by confronting Sacks but then was almost killed until the Blur rescued her. However, during the rescue someone took a photo of the Blur and Lois repaid the Blur by destroying the photo.

Lois' relationship with the Blur put a strain on her relationship with Clark especially when Clark realized that Zod had been impersonating the Blur. This also put Lois in danger, as Maxwell Lord kidnapped her to try to use his telepathy to get the Blur's identity from her mind, but she resisted his power. Lois then realized that she could never know the Blur's identity and the Blur ended his relationship with Lois.

Hostage 0360

Lois meets Perry White.

When Martha Kent returned with Perry White, Lois was more than thrilled to see them both, as she was a fan of Perry's. Things became uncomfortable when Lois broke up with Clark at the dinner table, in front of both Perry and Martha. Lois and Perry worked together on a story about the Red Queen and tracked her down but Perry fell off the ladder and Lois was able to save him before Clark could. Perry repaid Lois by getting their jobs back at the Planet. Afterwards, a letter appeared claiming to be The Blur wanting to meet her face to face, despite his call ending their relationship.


Lois finds Swann's Journal.

A confused Lois went to a rooftop to meet the Blur and Zod convinced her that he was the actually Blur and called upon Lois for her help, telling her that Clark had been hiding secrets from her and that he wasn't who he said he was. Lois did as Zod asked and looked through Clark's things. She tried to make one last attempt to get him to open up, but when he refused, they shared an emotional goodbye.

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Lois realizes that Clark is the Blur.

Once she had the Book of Rao, she almost gave it to Zod until she realized he wasn't the Blur, which made Zod fly into a rage and he almost killed Lois, until Clark saved her. He then gave her a passionate kiss while hidden in the shadows and Lois came to the realization and amazement that the Blur and Clark were the same person.