"The thrill of discovery, the clacking of keys, the scent of fresh ink. I think I've finally found my calling." - Lois Lane on her first foray into journalism. Sneeze

Lois injured in the Fortress of Solitude

Lois and Martha's plane crashed near the Fortress of Solitude. She awakened for a time while there, but later told at the hospital that she only vaguely remembered the structure and thought it was heaven. Clark told her that maybe she hallucinated, but she insisted that it was real. Clark expressed that he was glad she was okay and spontaneously hold her hand, making Lois uncomfortable and she awkwardly pulled away.


Lois gets her first byline

Lois was jogging when the Kents' barn door came crashing out of the sky and land close to her. She was determined to discover what made it fly off the barn and relentlessly investigated, despite Chloe's attempts to get her to drop the subject. She wrote an article for the Daily Planet, but Chloe discouraged her, trying to protect Clark, and seemingly doubting it was good enough to be published. Undeterred, she successfully shopped her story to the Metropolis Inquisitor and received her first byline and then she began moonlighting for the Inquisitor.


Lois begins to date Oliver Queen

Lois was close to accepting a job when she met Oliver Queen and accidentally insulted him, thinking he was the messenger boy for Queen Industries. She was sternly chastised by Martha and went to his loft to apologize. He accepted, but only if she attended Lex Luthor's costume ball as his date. At the end of the night, she denied Oliver a kiss, saying he would have to earn it.


Lois puts her eyes on the "Green Arrow"

Enamored, Oliver continued to woo her, and they began a relationship. When Oliver met Clark, he commented on Clark's "feelings" for Lois, which both Lois and Clark quickly brushed off. While attending a fund-raiser with Oliver, Lois witnessed the Green Arrow stealing a rare diamond necklace off Martha's neck and vowed to find the man behind the mask. She wrote an article about him, dubbing him the "Green Arrow Bandit." Later, she was captured by crooks who also wanted to know who the Green Arrow was and was rescued by the Green Arrow himself. Lois blamed him for her harrowing experience and was about to unmask him until Clark ensured Oliver a quick escape route. Later, she told Oliver that she would not give up until she unmasked Green Arrow. She told him that she considers the Green Arrow dangerous, making Oliver concerned and worried.


Clark and Lois investigate.

Lois went with Oliver to an alumni event for Excelsior Academy and was by Oliver's side when two of his childhood friends were brutally murdered by an unseen force. She worked with Clark to investigate the mysterious deaths, intending to write a story about it. However, when she learned that the culprit was the astral projection of paralyzed Duncan Allenmeyer, who had had experimental therapy, Lois abruptly stopped, as she thought it best not to write her story given the circumstances.


Lois accepts Oliver's apology.

Tired of his disappearing acts, Lois decided to break up with Oliver, who often left her alone for his duties as Green Arrow. Looking for Oliver, Lois encountered the Green Arrow, who threw her into a glass table and sent her to the hospital. Clark told Lois about Oliver's use of an intravenous drug, and Lois believed it explained his erratic behavior. Oliver quit taking the drug and asked Lois to take him back. She did, and they attended the Kent Thanksgiving dinner as a couple.


Lois and Clark's first kiss

Lois paid Jimmy Olsen for possible footage of the Green Arrow. However, all Jimmy got was images of Green Arrow's arms and legs. Lois began to suspect Oliver was the Green Arrow and enlisted Clark's help to prove it. However, Clark and Oliver worked together to throw her off by having Clark wear Oliver's costume and end her suspicions. With Clark in Oliver's costume, they shared their first kiss, unknown to Lois. Clark's reaction to the kiss show that he enjoyed the experience, later Clark was very pleased as Lois told her tale of her kiss with the 'Green Arrow', admitting that the Green Arrow (Clark) is better kisser then Oliver.


Lois and Oliver break up.

Lois and Oliver's relationship continued until Lois confronted Oliver on his tendency to always disappear in the middle of their dates. Oliver tried to make it up to her by promising a romantic vacation. However, before their departure, Oliver backed out on the trip again due to his commitments to the Justice League and Lois declared that she would not be waiting for him. He told her that he wasn't planning on coming back to Metropolis and they parted ways in a tearful and emotional breakup.


Clark and Lois on Red-K.

Unable to overcome her breakup with Oliver, at a Valentine's Day party at the Talon, Lois unknowingly bought a lipstick containing a red kryptonite-based aphrodisiac and became infatuated with Clark. She started to try to seduce him and after she infected Clark with a kiss, the two almost had sex at the Queen Tower until Clark saw the engagement invitation of Lana and Lex wedding and decided to crash the party with Lois. After Clark rebuffed Lois and left with Lana, she almost hurt Chloe, but Jimmy sprayed her with the antidote and Lois when back to herself, with no knowledge of the events. The next day Lois uncomfortably showed Clark the tattoo on her breast and vaguely tried to ask him if they slept together. Clark was amused by the whole situation. He didn't tell her the whole story, but he did show her the CD she made for him, and she was clearly embarrassed.


Lois is forced to fight Clark.

Lois was desperate for a story for the Inquisitor. While Chloe and Clark were investigating a lethal Internet fight club, she discovered the location of the club. When she arrived, she was caught by Athena and told her she was a stripper from a nearby strip club. She convinced her that she needed help and promised to leave her name at the front door, claiming she did a "killer stars and stripes routine". After she departed, she snapped pictures and was caught by Athena. They engaged in a fight and Lois was the victor, but was forced to fight after getting caught by Richtor Maddox at gunpoint. She was about to fight Clark by force but then Titan showed up, she was knocked unconscious.


Lois discovers the cigarette case.

When Lana Luthor was shot at the Daily Planet, Lois was determined to find out what she was trying to expose. She stole Lana's cigarette case from the crime scene and discovered a flash drive belonging to Lex. The drive contained a video of a meeting between Lex and Senator Ed Burke discussing Project Ares. However, Lionel Luthor guessed her involvement and took the flash drive from her. He warned her that whoever had targeted Lana wouldn't hesitate to do away with her as well.


Lois witnesses the murder of the Senator

Lois confronted Senator Burke outside an alley and witnessed his murder by the invisible Wes Keenan. When he showed himself, Lois was shocked to recognize him as a childhood friend. The Kents suggested Lois stay on the farm for protection from Wes, but he located her anyway. However, their shared history caused Wes to disobey his orders to kill her and he apprehended her instead. With Lois' help, Wes was able to fend off his mind control long enough to explain what happened to him. Clark and Chloe tracked them down to an old military base and Clark was, able to save Wes from killing Lois, unseen. Wes died in Lois' arms, stating he'd rather be dead than used as a weapon, and repeating a string of numbers.


Lois is stabbed.

Wes' death motivated Lois to get to the bottom of Project Ares, so she studied the numbers that Wes died repeating, until she realized they were latitude and longitude coordinates. She tracked it down to Reeves Dam, but when she got there, Lois was confronted by a guard who stabbed her in the stomach. Lois was able to call Chloe for help before she passed out. Chloe found Lois near death from blood loss and began to cry. Mysteriously, her tears healed Lois' stab wound and she recovered, horrified to find that Chloe was the one near death, and the dam crumbling, trapping them inside.

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