"Though the world sees a strong independent woman, I’ve never known someone with such gentle grace and more pure heart." - Clark to Lois, Finale, Part 1
Lazarus 0315

Lois reads Torch archives regarding Clark's saves.

Lois was horrified to discover Clark’s lifeless body on the street and removed the blue kryptonite knife from his body enabling him to heal himself. She then investigated Clark's previous saves and arranged to meet Clark to discuss their relationship at the barn. While she was waiting in Clark's loft, the clone of Lex Luthor appeared and took her to Riley Field to be strung up as a scarecrow and burned alive, but Clark rescued her just in time. She then decided to take up Perry White's job offer and go to Africa, after realizing that she could be Clark's greatest weakness.


Lois tries to understand Clark with Carter Hall's assistance.

In Egypt, Lois met Carter Hall, who introduced her to ancient Egyptian mythology, which was referring to his history. After hearing the story, Lois thought that Clark was actually a Deity-like being and Carter admitted he knew Lois had found out about Clark’s abilities. Carter could see that Lois needed to be by Clark's side in order for him to fulfill his destiny and tried to convince Lois to return to Metropolis.

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Lois talks with Clark about how dangerous it can be that the Blur reveal his identity as Kara did.

When Lois returned to Metropolis and immediately joined Clark’s side at a rally where Gordon Godfrey shared antagonistic views toward the superhero community, she and Clark saw how Kara saves the day before the public eye. Lois then made it her mission to protect heroes, such as Clark, Kara and Oliver. She followed Godfrey to Club Desaad and caught him in a compromising act at the gothic strip bar. However, the dark essence possessing Godfrey overpowered her and used Lois as bait to lure the Blur out of hiding, but Clark and Kara were able to save her.

Homecoming 2018

Clark and Lois at their high school reunion

As a way to cheer up Clark, Lois convinced Clark to attend their Smallville High Reunion. However, she was disappointed when the other attendees didn't remember her 23 days at the school and when Clark disappears while sitting next to her after he was crowned Homecoming King. She was approached by Greg Arkin afterwards, who told her how Clark changed his life for the better and when Clark returned from his trip through time, they didn't have time to dance at the reunion so Clark planned a romantic dance at the barn and as they danced, they confessed their love for each other.


Clark and Lois reveal their secrets to each other.

Lois and Clark started to become nervous about each other after their proclamation of love, in large part because the secrets kept from each other. However when they finally talked, Clark admitted to her that he was the Blur and excited, Lois leapt up into his arms and admitted that she already knew it, which left Clark looking shocked.

Lois started to learn more about Clark's Kryptonian heritage and was upset when Clark becomes overprotective of her. After they found themselves trapped in a small village where the two learn more about each. Clark apologized for being overprotective and gave her his Kryptonian journal and tells Lois "I want you to know me completely, with no secrets, because you are the one, and you always will be". And the two consummate their love.


Lois is forced to choose between her family and Clark.

When the General and Lucy paid Lois and Clark unexpected visit for Thanksgiving, Lois tried to have a non-conflict celebration with her family and Clark. Unfortunately, her father's trial methods almost put a complete wedge between her relationship with Clark, her support of the Blur and her desire to finally be seen as loving, supportive daughter in her father's eyes. When Lois was almost killed by an explosion in the Talon apartment caused by the Suicide Squad and intended for Sam, Clark saved her. After the chaos ended, Lois finally got to spend quality time with Clark and her family for a heartwarming Thanksgiving dinner that she prepared.

Lois abandoned

Lois views her mother's tapes.

Upon moving in with Clark on the Kent farm, Lois unpacked a box left behind by her father that her mother, Ella, had prepared for her before her death. Confronted by old memories, Lois was able to make peace with the ghosts of her past and as a way to help Clark, she try to mend the relationship between him and Jor-El. After she journeyed to the Fortress of Solitude and confronts Jor-El, Lois was able to show Clark a pre-recorded message made in the final moments of Krypton by Jor-El and Lara.


Lois enters the Watchtower for the first time

When Lois was assigned to cover the Vigilante Registration Act signing held at the Daily Planet, she was convinced that the VRA was nothing more than trap set for capturing heroes and made her findings about it. When Oliver informed her that he was going to be the first to sign the bill because Clark wanted to be the first to sing up, she was upset that Clark would consider such a course of action without telling her. After proving she was right in her suspicions and helped Clark's team of heroes to rescued Oliver, Clark brought her to the Watchtower, recognizing her as a very valuable member of the team.

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Lois fights against Clark Luthor.

Lois was summoned to Watchtower by Tess, in an attempt to keep her safe from Clark Luthor and there she fought along with Tess and Oliver aiming kryptonite-powered weapons to try to stop the evil doppelganger. After Clark Kent returned, he tried to convince them he was truly back but they were all skeptical until Clark turned to Lois and she could tell instantly that it was truly her Clark. She lowered her weapon and embraced Clark, relieved by his return.

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Clark surprises Lois for a romantic proposal.

Finally one night, Clark met Lois at their special phone booth where he showered her with white rose petals and then proposed to her, which she happily accepted. The next day, Lois and Clark were treated to a surprise engagement party that Tess hosted at Watchtower with the other League members. Later, due to her close relationship with the Blur, Lois became a prime target of Slade's VRA witchhunt and was subjected to extensive questioning, but Lois didn't divulge any useful information and managed to escape captivity to confront Slade, who then attempted to kill her. Lois was then saved by Hawkman, who heroically sacrificed himself to ensure her survival. Lois attended his funeral with Clark and the rest of the league in Egypt.

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Lois and Clark take flight over the Daily Planet in the virtual world.

At Carter's funeral, Lois and the Justice League were captured by the VRA. Three weeks later, Lois was at the Kent Farm, trying to find out what had happened to Clark, unaware that she had actually been placed in a virtual reality. After Chloe turned to Lois for help in making Clark believe in her again, she talks with Clark and the two broke free from the virtual world taking flight. Later in the real world Lois invited Chloe to be the her bridesmaid at her wedding, to which Chloe happily agreed.


Lois receives a gift from Martha

Although Lois continued her hero crusade by going door to door handing out papers rallying support for the citizens to vote to have the VRA repealed, she did not have much success in her mission. After she saw that Clark was beginning to lose hope in humanity, Lois received an inspirational idea from Martha about what she could do. With the aid from Chloe, Lois launched an online campaign for supporters to share their words of encouragement to the Blur and inspired Clark again. Finally, Lois and the rest of the gang watched as the VRA was repealed in a nationwide vote.

X14masqueradehdmkv 002278150

Lois approves of Clark's disguise.

With the VRA repealed, Lois focused on planning her wedding but was surprised to see a video-feed of Clark, in his Blur form, with some features of his face seen even though he is in the shadows. She begins to worry about Clark's identity and recommends to him a new disguise. Finally Clark presents her a pair of glasses, and decides to wear them in an attempt to conceal his identity as a Superhero. Lois felt this could work but only if Clark would act differently when he wears them, thereby creating two separate identities.


Lois retrieves her engagement ring

The night of their bachelor/bachlorette parties, Lois, along with the rest of the gang unknowingly consume champagne send by Zatanna, causing them to act wild and intoxicated.The next day Lois discovered that she somehow lost her engagement ring. Lois learned that she gambled away her ring in a casino and was desperate to get it back. Upon getting the ring back, she apologized to Clark who reassured her that the ring wasn't nearly as important as she was to him. And if she was having second thoughts about their upcoming marriage, he will marry her when she was ready. late Lois and the party guests watch a video to find out what happen to them the night before, on the video Clark tells Lois she is the love of his life.

Lois helped Tess to stop Lionel and also discovered that Conner was both genetically a product of Clark and Lex. Although she was worried about him, Clark proved that he can handle the situation and help him.

For a few weeks, Lois had been working overtime, gearing up for the upcoming promotions opportunity that was approaching.


Clark and Lois share a tender moment as they decide to move to Metropolis

After Martha sent Lois and Clark the deed to the Kent Farm as an early wedding present, Lois struggled with the decision of selling the Farm and moving to Metropolis. She searched for an apartment in Metropolis and after discovering that Clark Luthor had returned and banished Clark Kent to his reality, she and Emil worked togather to bring Clark Kent back. After Clark Luthor was sent back to his own universe, Clark Kent admitted that he was holding on to things in order to protect them, but knew that they need to move to Metropolis. Lois reassured him that they were never going to lose each other, with or without the farm. Lois tell Clark that Smallville was her home, alluding to Clark.

Sv10x18 000861

Cat congratulates Lois on getting the promotion

While Lois competed with Cat for the available job promotion, she also attempted to help Clark make his character transition disguise as a reporter from super to average. When a glory hogging showboat named Booster Gold arrived in Metropolis and attempted to score an interview with Lois in order to rewrite history and gain the title of the "World's Greatest Superhero" but Lois bravely refused and make her own support for The Blur. Later Lois was promoted out of the Daily Planet bullpen basement after she got an exclusive interview with Booster Gold and Jaime Reyes.

Sv10x19 000841

Lois tells Clark that he should include her in his decisions

As Lois and Clark were starting to move and unpack to their Metropolis apartment, they received a video call from Tess, alerting them that General Slade had returned from the Phantom Zone. After Clark and Oliver went to the Zone to investigate, Lois found out what was going on and discovered that Tess and Clark devised a plan to destroy the gateway to the Zone from the inside. Threatened with losing Clark forever, Lois threatened Tess with a gun to stop their plan from happening. After Clark returned, he went to their home in Metropolis, seeing Lois set everything up, she informed him that three weeks passed and that during that time she was patiently waiting for him to come home. She tells Clark that he should include her in his decisions if he loves her and Clark apologizes for what he has done. He then was shocked to learn that it will be only two days until their wedding.


Lois tells Clark that she can't marry him.

As Clark took Lois to the Fortress for Jor-El to give them his blessing on their marriage, he accepted the union and transferred Clark’s Kryptonian powers into her for a day as a trial for both of them to understand each other lives. Thanks to this, Lois understood Clark more and how difficult it was to be in his shoes. With everything back to normal, Lois painfully told Clark she could not marry him and called off the wedding, to Clark's shock and disbelief. Despite this, Clark refused to give up on them and embraced her tenderly.


Lois realizes that she was wrong.

The next morning at the Daily Planet, Lois tried to avoid Clark, who was still very much determined to proceed with their wedding. Clark went so far as to tell her if she was really serious about going through with cancellation of the wedding, she would have to leave him standing at the altar.

Lois had a change of heart when Chloe intervened and informed her that when Clark do decide to embrace his abilities completely and take to the skies, he was going to need her to keep him grounded. Still unconvinced, Lois continued to believe she'll be too much of a distraction for Clark from his responsibilities to save the world. Chloe then decided to show Lois Clark's wedding vows, which finally open Lois' eyes, seeing how much Clark really loves her and that she truly was an integral and essential part of his life, Lois realized how wrong she has be.


Lois thinks that Clark is gone.

Lois decided to get married after all and as she dressed, she was visited by Clark, who had also started to have doubts about the wedding. When Clark told her about his fear, Lois told him that although her family would not be present at the wedding, she had learned to walk alone in life and began to apologize for her behavior and to equate the situation, she slid her wedding vows under the door for him to read. After a long pause, Lois was nervous that Clark had left, Clark moved by Lois' words, assured her he's here, and would be waiting for her at the chapel.

Lois finale

Lois marries Clark.

The wedding finally took place, and Lois was overwhelmed by the situation, especially because of all the guests who were waiting for her. Although nervous, Lois tried to show courage and looked throughout the church for her future husband, but could not find him, until he took her by the hand and together they began to walk down the altar.

Lois walks happily down the aisle hand in hand with Clark.

The wedding went smoothly, but at the moment when Lois was about to take the ring and place it on Clark's finger, Chloe noticed the ring glowing and threw it into the air. It was then revealed that Oliver was possessed by the darkness. Lois and Chloe tried to escape along with the others in the chapel, but when Clark was attacked by Oliver, Lois ran back to defend him and was launched into the air by Oliver. Clark saved her and once Oliver returned to normal, they began to investigate the arrival of Apokolips.


Lois and Clark investigate Apokolips.

Lois and Clark headed to the Daily Planet to discover more about what was happening and try to find Tess, and then learned that most of the people there were marked with the Omega symbol and that was what attracted the planet to them. Lois encouraged Clark to find Tess and concluded that the mastermind of Tess’ kidnapping was Lionel Luthor and Clark went to the Luthor Mansion to find him. Before he left, Lois encouraged him to go save the world, they kiss passionately and reaffirm their love. Afterwards, when Lois learned that the government planned to blow up what they called an asteroid with a nuclear missile, she decided to try to stop them because millions of lives would die in the process and infiltrated the presidential flight.


Lois on Air Force One talking about the risks of the missile.

Aboard the plane, Lois attempted to get past security to speak with the President and eventually managed to manipulate her way to the room with the Secretary. She warned him what the supposed meteor really was and that their plan would result in the deaths of millions of people. Realizing that they knew what they were doing, she told them that the heroes that they had tried to destroy could save them. They agreed to give the heroes a chance, but limiting the time to five minutes.

Superman saves the plane

Lois watches as Superman saves the plane.

When the plane lost altitude due to Apokolips gravitational field, Clark arrived just in time as Superman to save it from crashing. He appeared to Lois, smiling and nodding to her, reassuring Lois that everything would be alright. Then, Lois took a camera and began to record and cover the story just as the President approached her.