Longevity is the ability to live or persist for extended periods of time.

Characters with this ability

  • Clark Kent - Clark can live indefinitely while on Earth under its yellow sun. Clark first learned of this ability in Hourglass.
  • Raya - Raya could have lived for a very long time while on Earth under its yellow sun.
  • Dax-Ur - Dax-Ur can live for prolonged periods of time on Earth under its yellow sun.
  • Kara Kent - Kara can live indefinitely while on Earth under its yellow sun.
  • Davis Bloome - Davis told Chloe that he is immortal.
  • Curtis Knox - Curtis can live for a long time and he can do so for centuries.
  • John Jones - John may be able to live for prolonged periods of time.
  • Darkseid - Darkseid has been in existence since at least the Middle Ages, and still remains very much alive.
  • Jeremy Creek - Jeremy, was exposed to a close-range blast of meteorites, and as a result, he was put into a coma, but when he woke up, his body looked the same, as his body's cells stopped releasing the normal amount of fatigue and aging toxins, making him appear younger.

Powers and Abilities

Kryptonian Longevity

Unlike some of their other abilities like superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and invulnerability, this ability appears to manifest for Kryptonians a while later after they get introduced to an environment under a yellow sun, and as such, this ability seems to require a certain amount of storage of rays given off by a yellow sun for it to take effect [citation needed]

The Kryptonian machine computer program called Brainiac appeared to operate indefinitely. [citation needed]Davis Bloome can live for very long periods of time. [citation needed]


Among Kryptonians, blue kryptonite can hinder this ability. Dax-Ur aged while wearing a blue kryptonite rock on his wrist.

Early History

Darkseid was present on Earth during its darkest points in history but was banished away by Orion's bow.

Curtis Knox is an immortal, the source of his immortality was never discovered, he was around centuries before the first meteor showers occurred.

Clark Kent was initially afraid of this ability while he was an adolescent, fearing the that he would eventually outlive everyone including the ones he loves. After his friend Ryan dies, he learns that time is valuable, and that he shouldn't take someone's life for granted, as it will end sometime. When the Crystal of Air gets stained with human blood, a second meteor shower is triggered, and the Black Ship ventures to Earth, bringing Aethyr and Nam-Ek to Earth. Here, they attempt to get Kal-El to join them in making Earth a utopia and a new Krypton in which they would rule forever but Clark denies them and traps them in the Phantom Zone. After Clark becomes mortal when Jor-El removes his abilities, he gets shot and dies at 7:18 AM. Jor-El inhabits Lionel's body and revives Clark, restoring his powers, so he can complete his Kryptonian destiny because "his mortal journey has ended".

Later on, his cousin Kara reminds him that trying to love Lana and live with her till she grows old is a foolish idea because he will out live her. Clark later accepts this ability, as shown while he was talking with John Jones, admitting that eventually "they'll all be gone".



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