Louis Leery
Played By Ryan Robbins
Status Nonexistent

"Well, there's one [a psychopath] in all of us– I just let mine out." - Louis Leery.

Louis Leery "rescued" Lex Luthor when the latter's plane crashed, and brought him to the island.


At first, Louis appeared to be quite easy going, content, and somewhat interested in the events which brought Lex to the island. Gradually, he was revealed to be unstable, and harbored a deep devotion to the island, referring to it as "Paradise" (possibly rationalization), refusing to assist Lex in the latter's escape attempts. Finally, it was revealed that he was a murderous "Psychopath", as Lex calls him. He later attempted to murder Lex when he found out they weren't "Kindred Spirits".

Season Three

Lex soon caught Malaria, and it was Louis who nursed him back to health. Lex later explained in great detail how it was that his plane crashed, and Louis speculated that it was either Lex's wife Helen, his father Lionel Luthor, or that they both worked together. Lex responded by threatening Louis if he ever insulted Helen again.

For several months, Lex attempted various means of escape from the island, and was either ignored or actually halted by Louis. Once Lex attempted to build a raft, and Louis refused to help, claiming that he was/is "not going to let Lex commit suicide". Later, a plane flew over the island, and Lex attempted a signal fire, but Louis violently stopped him, telling Lex that he belonged on the island.

Later, as Lex was foraging for food, he came upon a skeleton, which Louis casually admitted was the remains of his father. He explained that they had both been trapped on the island, and that only one of them could have survived. He then tearfully admitted that he thought that they were kindred spirits, to which Lex responded that he was a psychopath. Louis retorted "Well, there's one in all of us. I just let mine out." He then attacked Lex with a machete.

Louis chased Lex through the jungle and they began to fight on the beach. Lex was able to gain the upper hand, and was hacking Louis to death with the machete when he was approached by a third figure, a crew on a boat that had come to rescue him. Lex tried to explain that he had to kill him but is astonished to see that Louis had disappeared, the machete was really a stick, and that most of his experiences on the island were, in fact, a figment of his imagination.[1]

After being taken in by the crew, Louis reappeared and made it clear that Lex couldn't kill him. He then suggested that Lex needed his help to confront Lionel, and told him that his father tried to kill him out of jealousy. Later, Louis tried to convince Lex that he couldn't trust the rescue crew, his father, his wife or the Kents. Lex then proceeded to choke Louis only to discover that he was gone.

After Lex again crashed, this time on a different island, he attempted to find water, and Louis appeared and assisted him. He also helped Lex find food, but destroyed a signal fire Lex made. Lex then attacked him with a piece of wood, which caused Lex to fall off the cliff the fire was on, and Louis helped him up. He continually told Lex that everyone was against him. Later, Lex again found his way to rescue, but encountered Louis one final time at an airport. Lex proceeded to slam him against a wall and yell at him to leave, while everyone looks at Lex slamming and yelling at a bare wall. Louis disappeared (and hasn't been seen since).[2]


  • His name Louis Leery is an obvious spoof of Lex Luthor; both names are abbreviated L.L.


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