Lowell Wilson
Powers and
Super strength
Played By Juan Riedinger
Status Alive

Lowell Wilson is a metahuman that is a Level 33.1 prisoner.

Powers and Abilities

Season Six

Lex Luthor uses him to intimidate Moira Sullivan, Chloe Sullivan's mother, by trapping her in a cell with him to get her to use her power of mind control over Lowell in self-defense to see if she can control other meteor-afflicted.

Moira does control Lowell and Lex gets his confirmation. Later, Moira and Chloe use him in an escape attempt with mind control over him in which he easily incapacitates two guards. However, Lowell is drugged with a tranquilizer dart and the escape attempt almost fails. Moira and Chloe successfully get out with the help of Clark.

Lowell is still captive in Level 33.1.