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Characters Lex Luthor (Young)
Alexander Luthor/Conner Kent
Birthdate November 23, 1984 (age 30)
Origin Springfield, Missouri, United States

Lucas Stephen Grabeel is an American actor, singer, dancer, songwriter, director and producer. He played a teenage version of Lex Luthor in Season Six's Reunion. He later played the "teenager" version of "Alexander Luthor"/Conner Kent in Season Ten's Beacon and Scion.



  • For his role as Lex, Gabreel shaved his head.
  • Gabreel dyed his hair red for his role of "Alexander" then dyed his hair black for his role as Conner.
  • Though he is straight, Lucas is a strong supporter of Gay Rights and has played a homosexual in Milk and a metrosexual in High School Musical.
  • Originally, Gabreel was to appear in Season Ten's Finale, Part 1 for a cameo as Conner but was unable to due to filming the show Switched at Birth.


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