LuthorCorp Media


Earth-2 Smallville
Field Print media
Industry Mass communication
Management Lionel Luthor (founder and owner)
Clark Luthor (CEO)
Location Metropolis
Status Unknown

LuthorCorp Media is the Earth-2 version of the Daily Planet.

Physical Appearance


LuthorCorp Media is based in a tall skyscraper building, located at address 355, 1000 Broadway in Metropolis, Kansas, next door to LuthorCorp Plaza and across the street from the Ace of Clubs.

The LuthorCorp Media rooftop overlooks the entire city of Metropolis.

Known Staff

  • Lois Lane was a Writer/Reporter of LuthorCorp Media. Due to her bad relationship with her boss, Clark Luthor, she was afraid that she would lose her job.

In the Comics

In Earth-3, the Earth traditionally associated with Ultraman, Lois Lane, Superwoman's alter ego, was a notable reporter, who worked for that Earth's Daily Planet and tracked Lieutenant Clark Kent's space farring exploits.

In Antimatter Earth, "Lois Lane" has risen through the ranks to become the chief editor of the Daily Planet. Both that world's versions of Cat Grant and Jimmy Olsen are shown to be working at the Planet with Jimmy being Superwoman's compliant sexual deviant and the only civilian who knows of her secret identity. He is so besotted that he ignores her insults, even when she tauntingly refers to him as, "Superwoman's Snitch, Jimmy Olsen," and prints it in the Planet.

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