LuthorCorp Plant Number Four

LuthorCorp Plant Number Four is a LuthorCorp facility that Lex Luthor used as a headquarters for  Project Scion.

Season Seven

Lex Luthor created Project Scion to protect Earth from upcoming alien related threats.He made Dr. Jansen the project head and gave plant number four to work out of.Using the facilities resources Dr. Jansen researched the dust remains of Milton Fine's ship And observed it liquefied.

When Lana Lang acquired superpowers she kidnapped Lex and forced him to reveal the location of quarters for Project Scion.He took her and showed her the Project, but Lana tried to kill him Damaged the facility. Clark stopped Lana from killing Lex And used kryptonite and electricity to take away her powers. During their battle, the vial containing the black liquid and meteor rock fell. The liquid seemed to slither away on its own. Lex tried to find the missing liquid, but after he left it appeared to enter a female lab technician, Casey Brock.