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Luthorcorp Jets

LuthorCorp Jets in Quest

The LuthorCorp Jets are a fleet of jets that serve as transportation for Luthorcorp Executives and their CEO's Lionel and Lex Luthor. Many of the jets had different designs one had Luthorcorp name and logos while another just had logos on the doors.


LuthorCorp jets have been utilized by LuthorCorp Executives to transport them across the globe and has been used for luxurious and serious missions. Lionel and Lex used tham on many occasions. Lex was known for always using a Luthorcorp jet while his father loved to ride in the LuthorCorp Helicopter.

  • Lex used a jet for his honeymoon but almost ended up on a deserted island when his jet had apparently crashed.
  • Lex used the jet to travel in Quest and again in the season 7 final episode Arctic.


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