Series  Smalllville Comic #6
Number  13
Writer  Clint Carpenter
Pencils  Kano
Inks  Kano
Colors  Trish Mulvihill
Lettering  Jared K. Fletcher
Publication Date 
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Pete Ross helps Clark out with some parking tickets. In return, Pete wants Clark to help out on several of his dates. Problem is that Peter is dating two girls.


(Credit for the recap information goes to Neal Bailey from Superman Homepage.)

Clark and Pete talk about how Pete's mom smoothed over Clark's parking tickets, so Clark owes him. Chloe comes in, and asks what.

Pete tells her he's dating two girls at once, and she's repulsed by the idea. She storms out.

Later, Clark helps Pete give his first date, Danielle, a magical date by rushing her by closed cart from the school to a field with a picnic set-up instantly. He snaps his fingers, and a fire starts, Clark's doing, but she doesn't know that. They make out, and Clark later ferries them home.

Later, Pete meets Paige, and she says she likes flowers, Clark makes a bunch immediately appear in Pete's hands using super-speed.

A fire starts at a nearby house (not Clark's fault) and Pete rushes in to save whoever is inside. Inside, Clark hands Pete the puppy dog inside, and Pete rushes out, earning brownie points for saving the puppy.

Pete calls Clark and tells him he doesn't need any more help, she's so enamored, so Clark takes the statue he made using his heat vision from ice back in the fishing cooler.

In the Talon, Pete makes out with Paige, and Danielle dumps water on Pete's head, crashing the party. Chloe arrives and gloats about telling the girls, and Pete tells her that they'll be back.


  • Magic is the exercise of sleight of hand or conjuring for entertainment.
  • In this story, Clark uses his powers to make it appear that Pete is capable of magic (sleight of hand).



Clark: Look, Pete, I appreciate you smoothing over those parking tickets with you mom, but I don't know about this...
Pete: Come on man-- I'm living the dream!
Chloe: What dream is that...? The one where you date two girls at once? Or the on where you're not a shallow, hormonal jerk?
Pete: How'd you know about that?
Chloe: No one told me you're a jerk, Pete. I inferred it.
Pete: The girls, Chloe. How'd you know about the girls?
Chloe: Paige and Danielle both told me about their big dates with you 'cause I'm your friend... Which I'm seriously reconsidering, by the way

Pete: (After engaging in a kiss with Paige) Somebody call the sheriff... Cause you've stolen my heart.
Paige: All these years in the same town... How did I have no idea what kind of guy you really are?
(Some water is tossed onto Pete by Danielle holding a pitcher)
Danielle: I'm asking myself that same question.
Pete: Danielle?!
Danielle: Your heart was stolen twice in the same night? Sheriff Adams is gonna be busy...
Paige: What? But--
Danielle: Yeah, the magic tricks and dorky lines worked on me, too.
Paige: Is this true Pete?
Danielle: The water's on the house jerk.
Paige: I'm so outta here.
Pete: Chloe. You set me up.
Chloe: I may have suggested to Danielle that she keep her new job here at the Talon under wraps. Consider your humiliation the price of my continued friendship.

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