Malcolm Barnes
Family Unknown
Occupation Scientist
Status Arrested (Chimera, Part 2)
"People like you, like everyone at that tycoon factory, don't make friends; You make contacts." - Malcolm to Lex Luthor, Chimera, Part 2.

Malcom Barnes was an employee of Lex Luthor.

Early life

Malcolm Barnes was fellow classmate and friend to Lex Luthor. They both went to the same prep school (Excelsior Academy), but he only made it there as a result of a scholarship. Later on, he would have financial difficulty while losing himself in his mathematical studies. Lex would then hire him to help with gaining info on the Kawatche Caves.

Season Two

Unknown to Lex, Malcolm befriended him in hopes of financial benefits. Thus, Malcolm worked with Dominic Sanatori to gain the contents of Lex's Swiss bank account, with Dominic in turn gaining control of LuthorCorp. Malcolm, however, was unaware of the identity of his partner, aside from the fact that he has a British accent. Malcolm set up his own murder, and leaving behind fake letters implying that Lex killed him. He then hired actors into posing as FBI agents who would insist that Lex used money from his account for terrorist purposes. The result is that Lex would believe Lionel emptied his account and attempt to murder him.

Lex eventually discovered the truth and confronted Malcolm about the part he played. Shortly after, he confronted Dominic. Afterward, Malcolm is arrested, with the stolen money returned to Lex.

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