Occupation Mechanic
Street-race Flag-woman
Played By Moneca Delain
Status Alive
Last Seen Devoted

Mara was a somewhat unscrupulous student at Smallville High School during Clark's junior and senior years. In his junior year, she was the girlfriend of, and co-conspirator with Jason Dante. In Clark's senior year, she was one of the Cheerleaders of Devotion.

Season Three

She was standing alongside Dante as he pronounced Pete Ross the winner of his latest race and congratulated Pete with a kiss on the cheek. She gave him a more passionate kiss "for luck" prior to his next race, which she was responsible for starting.

She was at Dante's garage when Clark and Pete arrived with Lex Luthor's Porsche. Dante told her to drive the car to the race site but, not trusting the pair, Pete insisted on driving it himself, with Mara as passenger. She then started the race that ended in Dante's death.

Season Four

She apparently suffered no lasting repercussions from her involvement with Dante, for by the next year, she had joined (or possibly had already been a part of) the Smallville High cheerleaders. She along with Mandy and Rhonda were using a kryptonite-laced love potion to cause the football players to be obsessively devoted to them.