Truthws 077
Marianne Taylor
Family Rupert Taylor (husband), William Taylor (son)
Occupation Teacher (Smallville High School)
Played By Gillian Barber
Status Alive

Marianne Taylor (born as Marianne Lewis) is a literature teacher at Smallville High. She has one son, William Taylor.

Early life

Marianne's original name was Marianne Lewis. She changed it in 1972 after she played a minor part in a radical group that blew up a bank in Seattle and killed a guard while trying to make a political statement.

Season Three

Marianne was elected Teacher of the Year for the 2003-2004 school year, and Clark Kent was supposed to interview her for the Smallville Torch. However, Chloe Sullivan was infected by a green gas that made anyone she talked to tell her the truth. Chloe took over Mrs. Taylor's interview, and Mrs. Taylor first revealed that she watched television instead of preparing for class, so she gave the class a pop quiz.

Later, Mrs. Taylor revealed that she enjoys the students but she hates having to hide her past. Much to Chloe and her son's shock, she told Chloe about her past as a former radical.

Mrs. Taylor was arrested for her crimes, but her fate was not revealed.