Mark of Transference

the Mark of Transference on Lana

The Mark of Transference was a mystical skin marking that was imprinted on Lana Lang's back through magic, as part of an enchantment by Isobel Thoreaux to preserve her soul.

Season Four

In Crusade Lana received the mark when she visited Isobel's tomb in Paris. Lana woke up in her bedroom immediately afterward not remembering the last twelve hours. When she purchased the spell book, the mark on her skin combined with the identical mark in the book, which was stained with Isobel's blood. This allowed Isobel's spirit to possess Lana. Once Lana killed Genevieve Teague, the tattoo vanished, the spell was broken and Lana was freed from being controlled by the Coun
The Mark of Transference

Mark of Transference

tess ever again.

The Mark of Transference on Lana's back is also the symbol on the Crystal of Water, the Kryptonian symbol for water/transference.

Season Seven

Amnesiac Kara knows Lana's hiding something, and, in Hero, jabs at her by showing a photo of the mark of transference symbol. Lana warns her that Lex is very enticing, but she'll realize that everything he says is a lie. Kara doesn't believe her and demands the truth. When Lana doesn't answer, Kara declares that she'll continue to investigate and leaves.

Season Ten

Sv10x10luthorhdmkv 002132296

Clark activates the mirror box.

The mark appeared again when Clark activated the Kryptonian mirror box.

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