Insurgence 334

The inscription reads "To Martha, with deep affection: L. L."

"There was a wristwatch. You remember?."
"Lionel and I had nothing to hide."
"Engraved --'to Martha, with deep affection.'" Did you share that with your husband? Lionel Luthor to Martha Kent, Beacon.

Martha Kent's watch was given to her by Lionel Luthor.

Season Two

He presented it as a gift to coincide with a promotion he offered Martha. However, given the nature of their relationship and Martha's reaction to the gift, it is clear that Lionel regarded it as a means of pursuing a romantic relationship. Martha immediately responded by saying she could neither accept the watch nor the promotion, as it required working in Metropolis. Because of an insurgence team's burglary, Martha had no time to give the watch back to Lionel, although she may have kept the watch anyway due to her internal struggle with her own feelings. When she returned to the farm Martha hid the watch, fearing Jonathan's reaction to it.

When Lionel was shot at the Luthor Mansion and Jonathan was seen as the prime suspect, Sheriff Ethan served a search warrant at the Kent Farm and after finding the watch smashed, Sheriff cited Jonathan's anger as a motive for the shooting of Lionel Luthor.

Season Ten

Almost a decade after, when Lionel Luthor from a parallel universe, crossed into the real world and found Martha Kent, who warned him to stay away from Clark, He confirmed to her that the real Lionel had really strong feelings towards her and suggested that the two had had an affair at the backs of Jonathan. When Martha said they were just good friends, Lionel reminded about the watch and emphasizing that Martha had never shared that gift with her husband.