As the mother of Clark Kent, Martha's life has been threatened on several occasions over the course of the series.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
X01pilothdmkv 000341466 1x01 Pilot During the first meteor shower that hit Smallville, Martha and Jonathan were ambushed by it while driving home. One of the meteorites fell in front of them, causing they truck to turn over. Both escaped unharmed.
X04xrayhdmkv 000781531 1x04 X-Ray Martha was nearly run down by Tina Greer posing as Clark Kent but was saved in time by the real Clark.
Smallville105 731 1x05 Cool Sean Kelvin tried to steal the body heat of Martha but was stopped in time by Clark.
X06hourglasshdmkv 002384509 1x06 Hourglass Harry Volk tried to kill Martha but she hid in a grain silo. Harry found her and attacked her with a knife. Martha pulled a lever and buried them both in grain. Clark and Jonathan arrived just in time to pull her out and resuscitate her.
Smallville117 296 1x17 Reaper Martha was nearly killed by Tyler Randall after discovering that he was the one who killed Mrs. Sykes. She was saved by Clark.
Smallville118 431 1x18 Drone Sasha Woodman attacked Martha with a swarm of killer bees to force Clark to abandon his candidacy for class president. She was rescued by Clark.
Smallville121 600 1x21 Tempest When a tornado hit Smallville, Martha and Jonathan were in danger so they hid in a storm cellar.
Smallville205 520 2x05 Nocturne Byron Moore attacked Martha and Lionel but they were saved by Clark.
Smallville210 481 2x10 Skinwalker Kyla Willowbrook threatened Martha's life as a wolf in order to force Lionel Luthor to stop exploiting the Kawatche Caves.
Smallville212 312 2x12 Insurgence Lionel and Martha were kidnapped at LuthorCorp by a group of terrorists but Clark was able to save both of them.
Smallville216 430 2x16 Fever Martha was infected with a meteor rock toxin that almost killed her but was saved by Jonathan Kent.
Smallville220 402 2x20 Witness A thug that stole kryptonite from a LuthorCorp truck tied up a pregnant Martha Kent and Jonathan Kent against the wall in the barn 20 feet in the air to prevent Clark from testifying against him.
Smallville223 416 2x23 Exodus The destruction of Clark's ship created a massive explosion and a shockwave that overturned the truck with Jonathan and Martha inside. Martha lost her baby.
Smallville302 437 3x02 Phoenix Martha was kept hostage by one of the thugs of Morgan Edge but was saved by Lana Lang.
Smallville311 493 3x11 Delete A mind controlled Martha was knocked unconscious with a kick to the head by Chloe.
Smallville410 356 4x10 Scare Clark saved Martha among others from a synthetic toxin which escaped from LuthorCorp.
X22commencement720pmkv 002268849 4x22 Commencement Martha and Jonathan were held hostage in their house by Jason Teague who threatened to kill Martha. A second meteor shower hit the Kent house with all of them inside.
501Smallville0180 5x01 Arrival Martha was severely injured and buried under the rubble of the Kent house. Lois helped her.
502Smallville0606 5x02 Mortal Martha, Jonathan and Lana were kidnapped by three meteor freaks but Clark rescued them.
508Smallville0550 5x08 Solitude Martha came down with a strange kryptonian disease brought on by Brainiac and almost died but Clark was able to save her.
516Smallville0886 5x16 Hypnotic Chloe knocked a mind controlled Martha out to protect her cousin.
518Smallville1073 5x18 Fragile Tyler McKnight tried to kill Martha with a shard of glass he held to her throat but she was saved by Clark.
519Smallville0763 5x19 Mercy Martha and Lionel were caught in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game by a vindictive former LuthorCorp employee. Martha is sealed in a soundproof, impermeable chamber and almost drowned. Later Clark rescued them.
522Smallville1109 5x22 Vessel Martha collapsed in a LuthorCorp jet when Brainiac left her and Lois without oxygen.
601Smallville0214 6x01 Zod Lois and Martha's plane crashed near the Fortress of Solitude and an injured Martha drags an unconscious Lois to the Fortress seeking refuge.
X06falloutbluraymkv 001785410 6x06 Fallout Baern was about to kill Martha, but Clark lures him to the Fortress of Solitude, saving her.
S10ep13-0635 10x13 Beacon Martha was shot at by Alexander but was wearing a bulletproof vest, which saved her. Later, Martha was knocked unconscious by Alexander, who then set Luthor Mansion on fire. She was saved by Clark.

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