"A heart beats only so many times in a life. Your father used his more than anyone I know." - Martha Kent (Reckoning)

Martha, Jonathan, & Clark are reunited at the partially destroyed Kent Farm and Clark happily informs his parents that his abilities are gone & eager to begin living a nomal human life. Martha voices her concern about Clark's newfound vulnerabilities & will help Clark adjust to life without his powers.


Martha with a Kryptonian disease.

Martha was stricken with a Kryptonian disease that was suspected to be the work of Jor-El. She had sores and bruise-like markings over sections of her body and only green kryptonite could abate the pain. She was later saved when Clark realized that Professor Fine was responsible for the disease and with Brainiac's/Fine's destruction, the disease was irradicated from her body.

On election day, Clark tells his parents that he plans to propose to Lana & reveal his secret to her. Martha once again expresses her concern while having to accept the fact that Clark is a grown man that can make his own decisions. At Jonathan's senate victory party Martha & Jonathan happily congratulate the newly engaged couple. A few minutes later, Lionel Luthor calls Jonathan to congratulate him on his win and to arrange a meeting to talk with him in his barn. During the confrontation with Lionel Luthor, Jonathan became enraged because he believed Lionel was a threat to Clark. Jonathan punched Lionel and tossed him to the ground. The intensity of the incident was too much for Jonathan's heart, so he walked out of the barn and died of heart failure in his family's arms soon after as Clark and Martha arrived home the same night. Clark and Martha were both devastated, but helped each other through their shared grief. Martha was offered Jonathan's Senate position and Clark encouraged her to accept it.

Reckoning 536

Jonathan dies in his family's arms.

After Jonathan's death, Martha began receiving increasingly frequent visits from Lionel Luthor, who appeared to harbor an attraction to her for years. However, Martha never gave any indication that the attraction was mutual. Shortly after taking the Senate seat, she began receiving threats of blackmail, in the form of a DVD containing a video of Clark saving Lana Lang during a powerful explosion and surviving unharmed. Lionel, who had contributed to Jonathan's Senate campaign, promised to take care of it. Clark then learned

Martha and Clark embrace before Jonathan's funeral.

that Lionel had figured out his secret. When Clark confronted him concerning his knowledge, Lionel admitted that he cares too much for Martha to expose Clark.

Martha and Clark took in a little girl, Maddie, after her foster mother was killed.

Clark told Martha that Lionel knew his secret. She set out to confront him, but inadvertently became a pawn in a tormentor's game and ended up fighting for her life.

On his birthday, Martha, Lois and Chloe surprised Clark with a party. The next day, he told Martha that he saw Jonathan's spirit in the cemetery, telling him to kill Lionel. Later that day, Martha saw Jonathan's spirit sitting in a chair, telling her that it was Lionel that caused his death. However, it turned out that Jonathan was really a Brainiac duplicate in disguise as Jonathan.

Martha comes close to drowning.

Lionel had later come to clear the air, to confess what happened on the day of Jonathan's death and found Martha in the barn embracing one of Jonathan's old jackets. He told her that he knew about Clark's secret, but that Jonathan became very angry and would not allow him to explain. She stood staring at him in silence and in sorrow as he left.

Martha and Lois were beginning their trip to Washington D.C. for a conference, but their plane ride was canceled. Lionel was able to allow them to use the LuthorCorp jet. On the plane ride, Lois was discussing Martha's possible feelings for Lionel. However, the pilot of the plane turned out to be Brainiac who turned off the passenger section's air supply while he flew them to the arctic north instead. They collapsed from oxygen deprivation as he vanished and allowed the plane to crash-land in the snow.

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