"Every world needs its heroes, Clark. They inspire us to be better than we are. And they protect us from the darkness that's just around the corner." - Martha, to Clark, Zod

Martha finds Lois.

After Martha and Lois' plane crashed near the Fortress of Solitude, Martha drags an unconscious Lois Lane to the Fortress and has her first conversation with Jor-El and that's when Jor-El told Martha how to kill Zod, Jor-El also told Martha to her surprise that he was grateful to her for raising his son. He then sent her back, with Lois, to Smallville.

When Clark developed his new power, super breath, he had sneezed for the first time ever while out working in the barn, after which Martha took his temperature, but then realized that he didn't have a fever and had, in fact, never been ill while growing up. Martha then thought he must have caught something in the Phantom Zone while being without his powers.

While attending a fund raiser, the Green Arrow stole a diamond necklace off Martha's neck, which was on loan to her from Lionel Luthor. She hosted a Thanksgiving dinner at her house. Lionel had accidentally admitted his feelings for Martha and then apologized for having embarrassed her by saying so. However, Martha admitted to him that she really valued their friendship and would appreciate his companionship at her proposed gathering.


Martha and Lionel at Thanksgiving.

When Clark was attacked in his barn by a psychic mind and body snatching phantom who had escaped from the Phantom Zone, it invaded his mind and created an alternate reality where he tried to convince Clark that he suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia. In that false reality, Martha is married to Lionel Luthor. When Clark escapes the sanitarium and finds Martha living at the Luthor mansion, she tells Clark that Lionel has provided for him to be able to get the best medical help and really wants to help him through his problems with believing that he has super powers. Martha tries to convince him that he is sick and needs help. She called for Luthor security guards to retrieve him and return him to the mental hospital, but begged them not to hurt him in the process.

Clark, infected with red kryptonite in his system from a lipstick Lois was wearing when she kissed him, which also included a 'love potion', crashed Lex's and Lana's engagement part along with Lois. He found Martha in attendance and insulted his mother by accusing her of wanting to be a Luthor only a year after the death of his dad. However, Martha rebuffed him by calmly telling him that he was not himself recognizing that he must've come into contact with the red Kryptonite. She later had to subdue him with green Kryptonite where he was attacking Lex in their barn after having kidnapped Lana from the party. The next day, Martha had a heart-to-heart talk with her son about him admitting to having suppressed anger and finding a way to better deal with his emotions.


Martha attends Lex and Lana's engagement dinner.

After Lana had married Lex and Clark had entered a secret Fight Club involving the meteor infected and another super-powered being who had escaped from the Phantom Zone, Martha had to encourage and console Clark yet again. He had accidentally killed the 'Zoner' and she tried to help him understand that it was his 'humanity' that made him feel regret over the creature's death because of his upbringing and knowing the difference between right and wrong. She told him that he should always embrace his humanity and reassured him that if he hadn't acted as he did, maybe both he and Lois would've been killed.

Martha departs to Washington DC.

Martha was asked to acquire secret military information about a soldier named Wes Keenan by Lois. When Sen. Burke's murder left his U.S. Senate seat vacant, Martha was recommended to be sworn in as his replacement. If she accepted, it would mean that she would have to move to Washington, DC. On the day of her departure, she tried to make Clark understand that just because she was leaving, he did not have to stay and manage the farm and that she always knew that his Destiny would lead him to other places: but Clark felt it was his duty and obligation to stay on the farm that had been in their family for over a hundred years. So, he and Martha embraced each other and expressed their love for each other and as she walked away from him, she looked back at him one more time as she stood in the open doorway and then departed.

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