"What's real is your strength and integrity and compassion. As long as you remain honest to those things, it doesn't matter what you wear or what name you go by, because... you'll always be my son." - Martha to Clark, Beacon

In response to the destruction of Zod's solar tower and the public revelation that Oliver Queen is Green Arrow, the United States Senate introduced a bill that would require all heroes, referred to as vigilantes, to register with the United States government. General Sam Lane, who is the lead military adviser on the legislation, spoke of Martha as his main opposition in the Senate. The bill ultimately passed.


Martha speaks out against the VRA

When General Lane had Clark's background investigated by the Pentagon, the Pentagon was unable to find anything suspicious about him, leading the general to suggest that Martha helped keep Clark's government record clean.


Martha confronts Lionel

Martha went to speak at the rally in Metropolis, only to end up being shot by Alexander. Martha was later visited by Clark and Chloe. Martha went to confront Lionel and Alexander. However, Alexander overheard the conversation that Lionel still sacrificed Lex for Clark in his universe and knocked Martha out then preceded to set the mansion on fire. Clark managed to save Martha from the burning Luthor Mansion.


Martha talks to Clark

Martha was one of the spectators at the Kent Farm to watch the VRA being repealed. Clark later talks to Martha about he wonders how he can stand up to the values that his parents taught him if he is hiding behind a disguise, but Martha assures him that his father would be proud of him.


Martha is upset with Clark for selling the farm

Clark sent Conner to Washington D.C. to visit Martha, while she sent Clark and Lois an early wedding present: the deed to the Kent Farm.


Martha with Jonathan at the wedding

Months later, Martha returned to the Farm to attend Clark and Lois' wedding. As she stood in the empty living room, Clark arrived home. She became upset with Clark, stating that she never intended for Clark to sell the farm when she sent him the deed. Martha tells Clark that she never let go of the farm or Jonathan. She also told Clark that you should never have to let go of the past to move on but Clark says they should and then leaves.


Martha tells Clark that the world needs him

At the ceremony, Martha was walked down the aisle by Jeff Hage and took her seat at the front, unknowing that Jonathan's spirit was right there next to her.


Jonathan, Martha, and Clark

When Apokolips began to near the Earth, Martha went back to the farm with Clark, Lois, Chloe and Oliver to try and figure out what was happening. When Clark went out to the barn, Martha followed him. She explained to him that Clark was her and Jonathan's miracle and now the world needed that miracle too. She than embraced Clark, unknowing that Jonathan was also there with them. As Clark sped off to the save the planet, Martha watched him go through the loft window, with Jonathan standing by her side and gazed upon Apokolips getting closer and closer to Earth.

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