"You know, you can save the whole world, Clark, but you've got to take care of your heart too." - Martha Kent (Asylum)

Martha reunites with Clark.

When Clark called her from Metropolis but didn't say anything Martha knew it was Clark and begs him to come home.

Clark met Jordan, who possessed abilities. Martha was the first one he talked to about his destiny, Martha then assured Clark that he has to concentrate on the lives he saves. Martha along with Jonathan both thought that Clark's relationship with Alicia Baker was going to end badly. Later on we find out Martha and Jonathan made a promise to let Clark go when he is ready.

When Chloe got exposed to truth gas and everybody had no choice but to tell the truth. Martha's truth was about Jonathan: she admitted she was so scared that Jonathan was so angry and depressed over his ill health and she worried he might not be the same again. Martha is upset that Jonathan made a deal and didn't tell her. Later we see Martha running outside and seeing a Kryptonian symbol burned into the fields.

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