Mary Prey
Mary Pierson
Family Unnamed parents
Powers and
Electricity manipulation
Played By Julia Maxwell
Status Deceased

Mary Pierson was a metahuman with the ability to control electricity. She participated in Chloe Sullivan's group sessions at the Isis Foundation.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electricity manipulation: Mary's power seems to be associated with electricity and was first seen when she was walking home. Just after she heard someone behind her, she came to a street with the lights out. Using her ability, she turned the light on. Mary also said that she used her powers at Christmas, making all the lights blow up because her parents didn't give her the doll she wanted. She was also seen being able to increase the electrical charge coming from Jesse's Walkman, nearly deafening him.

Season Eight

Mary attended Chloe's group counseling session at the Isis Foundation with a group of young meteor-infected people. She told her story about how her powers manifested. When another person played a trick on her by freezing her drink solid, Mary got very defensive. She admitted that she would like support and friendship, but didn't think people want them to exist. Another kid, Randy Klein, said that the group was good for him because he didn't feel alone. She insulted him and told them how people do not like the meteor-infected and thought they were scum.


Mary is dragged away to her death

After the session, Mary left the Isis Foundation and was walking to her car when she saw a fast-moving dark blur. She noticed the alley was dark and used her powers to turn the lights on. Mary then tried to go quickly to her car, but was dragged away, screaming, by the dark blur.

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