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Meeker Springs

Meeker Springs was the home of a congregation infected with blue kryptonite after the 1989 meteor shower.

They were led by their preacher, Joseph Cavanagh, and sacrificed a young woman every year on the anniversary of the shower.

Known Residents

Early History

When the 1989 meteor shower rained on the Smallville area, the meteors not only reached the outskirts of Smallville, but also the town of Meeker Springs where it destroyed the village and killed Esther leaving blue kryptonite all over. It also purified the water and helped their crops grow and they have been healthy ever since and believe it was a sign from God and so every year, sacrifice a young woman in return.

Season Ten


The villagers prepare to sacrifice Lois

Clark decides to cover the Cherry Blossom Festival with Lois to draw her away from the Vigilante Registration Act but as they are driving through Meeker Springs, their back two tires blow out as a result of a trap set by the villagers.