Melissa Paige
Occupation Stripper/Dancer (The Windgate Club)
Played By Katherine Horsman
Status Deceased (Exposed)

Melissa Paige was a stripper and dancer that worked at a private club called The Windgate Club in Metropolis.

Season Five

Melissa called the Daily Planet tip line to report that she was in trouble. She attempted to give her address and stated that a man was trying to find her. Chloe Sullivan answered the call but it was abruptly cut off. She and her cousin Lois Lane then proceeded to investigate Melissa's fate. They went to the club and witnessed Melissa get run down by a hit-and-run driver. They then interviewed other dancers at the club but no one would talk and everyone acted very fearful.

Police Captain Maggie Sawyer also began investigating Melissa's death when it was discovered that she had had an affair with Kansas State Senator Jack Jennings. It was revealed that Jennings had nothing to do with her death, but the scandal of the affair caused him to drop out and not seek re-election that year.

Along with Clark Kent, Chloe and Lois discovered that a patron of the club, Mr. Lyon, frequently doted attention on one particular girl, who would disappear shortly afterward. They were able to expose Mr. Lyon's wrongdoings, but Captain Sawyer explained that they would be unable to prosecute him due to his having diplomatic immunity. Later, Chloe revealed that he was arrested by the Interpol upon his return to Europe, thanks to an anonymous tip.

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