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The first meteor shower in 1989.
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Smallville was devastated by two separate meteor showers in 1989 and 2005, each one made up of meteor fragments from the exploded planet Krypton along with at least three Kryptonian spaceships: Kal-El's ship, Kara's ship and Brainiac's ship.

Both showers killed many Smallville residents and scarred the surrounding areas.

Many of the meteors contained kryptonite, including green, red and gold kryptonite.[1]

The green form had extraterrestrial mutagenic effects, turning some humans into metahumans.

Known Meteor ShowersEdit

Kryptonian BeaconEdit

In 1985, Dr. Virgil Swann theorized that ionized meteor particles were being sent from Smallville using meteor burst communication (MBC), acting as a beacon to guide extraterrestrial items to Earth.[2] This would explain why two separate sets of meteor showers and Kryptonian spaceships hit the same small town.

Clark theorized that his biological father Jor-El had "chosen" the Kents to adopt his son when he visited Smallville in 1961 and met Hiram Kent. (Relic) It is possible that this Kryptonian beacon was the mechanism through which Jor-El ensured that Clark's ship was guided to Smallville.

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  1. As stated in Kent, gold kryptonite also fell that day.
  2. From the diaries of Genevieve Teague.
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