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The Metropolis Sharks allow Whitney to play a game with them.

The Metropolis Sharks are a professional football team representing Metropolis in the National Football League. [citation needed]

The team played in the LuthorDome, and was owned by LuthorCorp.


Whitney Fordman, his father, and Clark Kent, Jonathan Kent, and Pete Ross were known to be fans of the Sharks.

Lionel Luthor owned the team despite the fact that he mentions to Jason Teague that he has "no interest in football". It is likely that Lionel was only involved in it for the money and prestige.

When George Fordman was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition and moved to hospital on a full-time basis, Clark asked Lex Luthor to help Whitney's father fulfil a promise he had made that he would see his son play his first game with the Metropolis Sharks: Lex literally hired the entire team to play a game with Whitney as their quarterback while his father watched. (Reaper)

Pete, while under the influence of the Levitas toxin, left slip to Chloe that Clark is going to run to the stadium to grab "Shark dog" hot dogs for him and Pete to eat while they attended the game, arousing Chloe's suspicions, given that the Sharks play in Metropolis. (Truth)