Michael Westmore
Family Unknown
Occupation Orderly (Smallville Medical Center)
Played By Damon Johnson
Status Deceased (Tomb)

Michael Westmore was a homicidal orderly at Smallville Medical Center who killed Gretchen Winters in the Talon apartment ten years ago and buried her body in the wall.

Season Five

Michael went to Lois Lane to talk about her cousin Chloe Sullivan, but Lois blew him off and she tried to call the police but he stopped her and drugged her until she passed out. He brought and tied Lois up in his basement.

Chloe (possessed by Gretchen) came to Michael's home, wanting revenge and almost killed him until she heard Lois and went to help her. She was knocked out by Michael. He tied both Lois and Chloe/Gretchen to a chair. He was about kill Lois but Clark Kent came to stop him. Clark was weakened by the kryptonite bracelet and Michael easily knocked him to the ground. Possessed Chloe called Michael "Mikey", a name that Gretchen used to call him. Michael was shocked after Gretchen revealed that it was her in Chloe's body. Gretchen's spirit transferred into Michael's body and she forced him to stab himself in the stomach and kill himself.

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