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Micro vision clarks eye

Clark using Microscopic vision

Micro vision is the ability to see extremely small things, like a spec, or something microscopic. This ability can be combined with X-ray vision.[1]

Characters with this ability

Micro vision
  • Clark Kent - Clark first manifested this ability in Masquerade although is unknown when he developed it. He used micro vision to see small residues of ink in Desaad's victims at the morgue.



Lois: That's only a fraction of a centimeter. How would you be able to see that?
Clark: Micro vision.
Lois: "Micro" vision"?
Clark: Well, it's my power. I can call it whatever I want.
Season Ten, Masquerade


  • Martians possess super vision in the comics. This allows them to see microscopic objects and organisms.


  1. Seen in Krypto and Freak

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